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OG N3RY - 666 wHUh!?!?!

Another peek at Nattymari presents Kreayshawn & SortaHuman Murdered in Memphis/10 70E5 D0WN. Wet as fvck. This mixxxtape is becoming dumb drippy. Drop already. Blam. Blam.

Look at that tracklist, then swag Montpellier, France based Rael Raziek the fvck out, then hit tha booty do. 2 blamz.

Soulja Boy - Movie
Machinedrum - Sacred Frequency
Dj Roc - Dino Purple Kush
Girl Unit - Wut ( Claude Vonstroke Remix)
Dj Lemo - We Bang
Raziek - I Can Do It
Nguzunguzu - Timesup
Addison Groove - Footcrab Night Drugs - Higher ( Everydayz Remix )
Araab Musik - Let It Go
Joy O - Sicko Cell
Dj Deeon - X-Ta-C
Cedaa - Nippon
Soulja Boy & Lil B - Have You Ever
Richelle - Mascotte ( Mister Tweeks Remix )
Hudson Mohawke - Thunder Bay
Dj Slugo - I Aint Yo Baby Daddy
Krampfhaft - Grind
Damu - Mermaid Waka Flocka Flame - Pole
S-X Vs GS Boyz - Bricks Booty Dew ( Raggo Flame Edit )

Mascara - Sandtrap

Mascara doing it REAL BIG wiv some OG witch house jook. I feel like ghetto goth G walking to this rite now. So wet. So phresh. Off the upcoming Mascara/Drugs For Drunks split on AMDISCS. 2 B L A M Z.


Mando re-load. Ah sheeit CRIM3S is that shiz. I’m riding high in my war wagon through thee jungle with this junt. Animal pelt vest just a fluttering in the tropicult breeze. 4 Blambodians, 8 blammers. Blam. Blam.

Le1f - Saltimore

Euch. Wet as. Le1f is soaking shiz on Seapunk Volume 1. Get wet. 2 blamz.

powwoww - Bubblebeam

Drip. *pop* powwoww is splashing with this junt. So wet. Blam. Blam.

Okay then Indian Giver Yes. #TYIGY for whipping up a hood witch mixxx. Purr-fect, witch ass wiccas get familiar (Yeen even catch all the straight Craft in that sentence.) 2 BLAMZ

1) Frankie Malt - Ruler’s Back (RITUALZ & Jay-Z Mashup)
2) h∞d∞ - Underground
3) Missy Elliot - Get Ur Freak On (PARTY TRASH remix)
4) Mascara & sLOW HEAD - ℭṲℛ§€Ð ĦѺѺÐ
5) Salem/Gucci Mane - Round One
6) Lil B - Real Life (unclean☯ remix)
7) PARTY TRASH - homeboyz/rainsnow (Salem/2 Pac)
8) Rick Ross - BMF (White Ring - One Nation Under God Remix)
9) Rick Ross - Hustlin’ (Fire Coral remix)
10) Gucci Mane - My Shadow (Salem Remix)
11) Waka Flocka Flame - O Witch Do It (DubbleWide Remix)
12) Gang Witch - Set Holy Word (sLOW HEAD RMX)
13) Neon Hitch - Gucci Gucci (Kreayshawn Cover/ DubbleWide Remix)

W0lcnum - It will never be

Aural Sects members ride on lunar paneled vehicles through these Blambodian jungles casting spells quite frequently. I’m not in thee least bit surprised UK based goth W0lcnum was recruited for a release. This junt bangs (gun pun 100% intended). Blam. Blam.

signs - tyranny

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MOAR. *Infomercial voice*. Aural Sects is one dutty productive pack ov animalz. Austin, Texas based signs made his Tyranny mixxx for the brood and it is crammed full ov tempo terrorism and that erotic-grotesque okkvlt sound. Blam. Blam.

mytimeisrunningout (the juan maclean — tyrant braincandy)
gvcci gvcci (kreayshawn — tyrant juke)
thieveslikeus (new order — tyrant choke)
waterfalls (tlc — tyrant drag)
virgin pegasus (vektroid — tyrant freeze)
talk2much (t.i. — tyrant ravebot)
halo (beyonce — tyrant hex)
crkdntrize (waylon thornton and the heavy hands — tyrant thrash)
shllshk (new order — tyrant heartstopsbeating)
supabass (nicki minaj — tyrant hijack)
ohnanawhatsmyname (rihanna — tyrant sloooluvvv dedication)


o F F wiv a viddy mix?! Soaked. Slow down, chillax and vibe across Blambodia wiv me. Blam. Blam.

extacy (arpies heart)
o F F & Leifur (dancing underwater)
o F F remixed by Sail A Whale (be around u)
Min Ronnersjö (untitled)
How to Dress Well remixed by elite gymnastics (suicide dream 2)
o F F & Pluseinn (away)
Sjur Nyvold (i promised you a love song) ♥
o F F + cyan kid (high)
o F F Love (forever)
Cyan Kid & Allie (Bed Remix)FUNK LIFE

Smorf & Rhyme Prophet - Diss O Executado (Poetas Mortos)

Brootal ghetto jook is a worldwide ting now. Smorf ( ov Sao Paolo, Brazil’s Ladu Ceggo) and Rhyme Prophet ( ov Munich, Germany’s 089 Clique) prove that oh so well. Unless you speak both Portuguese ad German, ain’t know one translating this slapper. BLAM. BLAM.

Skunk∆peRoy - Smoking Blunts (Coming Up With Evil Shit) ft. Supa

Thee homie, Skunk∆pe gang bawse Roy got thee other homie Supa (ov SortaHuman) to spit some evil poison all over this wet azz beat. Infinite BLAM.

Ciara - Oh (powwoww lemurian occult mix)

Love you powwoww. You alwayz know how to get all my Blambodian goons moving. My whole military is rolling off this junt. We are mobilized and raving hard through this konkrete jungle. INF-BLAM.

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