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WTF you say???


“Faith No More” Video

Isiaih Toothtaker’s new joint. Tucson, Arizona warrior.

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Banned from the club. Death Machine


Hella T I T E.

M A C H I N A / M U E R T E

Isaiah Toothtaker vs. Mr. Dibbs

Just saying, this Isaiah Toothtaker vs. Mr. Dibbs starts with my favorite song of all time. Just saying… Followed by a PSA from Murs. Then it’s all Mr. Dibbs ill ass production and Toothtaker’s maniacal flow. Just saying… Just saying! JUST SAYING! Machina Muerte foo!

Isaiah Toothtaker - Muerte Folks

Blissful murderation. The Machina Muerte camp and Isaiah Toothtaker in particular aren’t meant to be fvcked with. These (muerte) folks witness the demise of the paper gangsters, plastic people and false prophets in a casual manner. Death Machine. Blam. Blam.

Zackey Force Funk, Isaiah Toothtaker and Nathan No Face - Wasteland

Blam Lord is Cyborg’s Fender Tremolo IRL. I want the dystopian reality to happen in my life span. Dead serious. Mad respect to Machina Muerte members Zackey Force Funk, Isaiah Toothtaker and Nathan No Face (ov game boy punk duo CRIME) for teaming up and making this post-apocalypse junt. Infinite BLAM.

TOOTHY WAVY is Isaiah Toothtaker and Max B dropping 5 junts produced by thee OG trillwavers The Hood Internet and released by Мишка. Words can’t really express how wet this is going to be. OWWWWW! INF BLAM.

Isaiah Toothtaker - Hyperbolic Chamber

Damn, Isaiah Toothtaker that sweater is double+trill. Them bars are wavy (Who else is geeked for TOOTHYWAVY?) and I see you Murs! INF BLAM.

Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker – Been Told (Prod. by The Hood Internet)

Wait, Biggaveli riding a Sleater-Kinney junt?? Owwwww. I think it’s solid that Isaiah Toothtaker reached out to him and tbh there aren’t many even in thee rap game that been inside and/or can relate to the Boss Don’s pain. With thee trillwave backing ov The Hood Internet this TOOTHY WAVY album is destined for that infinite rinse. Large up Мишка for the debut. FREE MAX B. ∞ BLAM

Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker – A Kingdom (Prod. by The Hood Internet)

Hardest shyt out. Fuck wit that TOOTHY WAVEMENT before I come out my square and put air holes in yr forehead. Free the Silver Surfer. Big up Мишка. Machina Muerte por vida. ∞ BLAM

Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker – Waffle House (feat. Rapewolf)


Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker - Hold On (Prod. by )

Hobostew hooked up these Art Deco visuals and The Hood Internet supplied thee coke wave beat. Which Max B and Isaiah Toothtaker straight surfed on, Another leak from thee TOOTHYWAVY album. Mega boost Мишка. INF BLAM.

Isaiah Toothtaker & Rapewolf - Enemies Beneath Me

Outs to thee whole Machina Muerte nation. Isaiah Toothtaker and Rapewolf are gooning on this ting. Nuff said. Inf blam.

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