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C.A.N.S - Eddie Licorace

Mmmm, dark wave. Don’t get any in yr mouth though. This would eat through your stomach lining in seconds. Thnx again C.A.N.S for anuva big city kid strutter. INFINITE BLAM.


N-E-1 remember when Blam Blam Fever was formatted like this? Central Asian Nervous System gets the throwback look for this limited download release. Industrial grade urban assault squad techno soundz. I couldn’t pick 1 choon so ya get em all. Now go get em all. INF-BLAM.


Textbeak - FRVKTVRE

TXTBK is thee homie. This is drenched. In flux and riddled with rivets. Out nxt wee on Tundra. INF-BLAM.

Laibach - In the Midst of Struggles

XxȻɅƝЅxX - XXAlyatsLetYouIntXx

Central Asian Nervous Systems at it again. With moar dark wave hued big city rivethead stomp. INF-BLAM.

C.A.N.S - Parilized Uniform

Step 2 dis. Moar deadly electronics from gunshine state based man dem C.A.N.S. 2 BLAMZ.

Textbeak - TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 #42 through the earth (for Theway Peoplestare)

I, Blam Lord bless thee torch bearers ov dark electronic musick forever and ever, amen. TXTBK dedicated this show to mutual okkvlt sound killer Theway Peoplestare and the upcoming 1 year anniversary of her monthly radio show on December 6th (Which, I-self got a track on!). I luv both shows and both individuals IRL. INF BLAM.

Violet Tremors – Between Us>Time Is The Traitor
Walter Carlos – Title Music from A Clockwork Orange >A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick) Soundtrack
SWANS – Greed>Greed
Nitzer Ebb – Smear Body >That Total Age
∆AIMON – Maasym (FUNERALS Remix)>AMEN Remixes
Vortex Rikers – A New Dawn >Oceanic EP
Cabaret Voltaire – Baader Meinhof >The Original Sound Of Sheffield – ‘78 / ’82 Best Of
Skinny Puppy – The Pit >Back And Forth Series 2 
Tones On Tail – When You’re Smiling >Tones On Tail
Lee Negin – Rumi with a View>Wu Wei
Phil Western – last moments>The Escapist
TEXTBEAK – all you are swansongs>SPLIT 4 with FRONCE de BONQUE
Chris Connelly – The Hawk, The Butcher, The Killer of Beauties >Whiplash Boychild
Cultural Amnesia – Brand New Day >Why Be Blake When You Can Be Bleak?
CINDERGARDEN – SAD EYE DOLL [⁂✴⁂ (sacred star) remix]
MR.666 – Voice of Demnos >Faustus
Ormus – Her insides were glorious >The Lost Baroness
spf5Ø & SKELETONKIDS – mistakes were made
C.A.N.S – xxLifeSupport
Yuksek – Everywhere In Town (Cosmo Vitelli Remix) Amerik (’CLICHE007)- Vinyl
Violet Tremors – Autosuggestion >Time Is The Traitor
Azari & III – Manic >Manic
autoKratz – Sucker Sirens >autoKratz present Bad Life #1

And if you haven’t been tuning in, check out the TXTBK show. CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 on Karnival Radio Sun. 10-12am/Wed 8-10pm

//TENSE// - UNDEAD (DEMO 12-13)

Houston is really in tha building today. //TENSE// is another bleeding edge group that beasts through Blambodia with ease. INF BLAM.

XxȻɅƝЅxX - Kick Kick Ketamine (Inst.)

Thee homie C.A.N.S is a beast well suited for thee harsh plains ov Blambodia. INF BLAM.


Thee boss ov Vienna, Austria based net label Bleak , DJ Scrag! provided last week’s set for TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 and what a doozy it is. View thee tracklisting below and go \\ here /// to stream and sop up all the dark current it contains.
If we aren’t friends beyond Blambodia you prolly didn’t know I had tech difficulties for the past couple months. Not anymore so expect that old time bad man blamming that I used to be known for. And, please believe it, I am in the chat over at Bummer Bit right now for tonight’s installment ov CB7. Which is every Sunday, 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST. INFINITE BLAM.

Current 93 (UK) - Scarlet Woman > Swastikas For Goddy (0:00:00)
Eva (Poland) - Zaspany > VA: Castle Party Compilation (0:58:00)
Wave Tank (Greece) - For Whom The Bell Tolls > VA: Wierd Compilation Vol. II - Analogue Electronic Music 2008 (3:50:00)
Nine Circles (Belgium) - Twinkling Stars > VA: Cold Waves + Minimal Electronics Volume One (0:08:00)
Die Krupps (Germany) - 2 Herzen 1 Rhythmus > Volle Kraft Voraus (0:12:00)
Bloodygrave & Die Lust! (Germany) - Frage Der Technik > Töne Zum Anfassen (0:15:30)
Die Selektion (Germany) - Steine Auf Dein Haupt > Noire (0:19:50)
Job Karma (Poland) - Brain Processing > Punkt (0:23:30)
Prager Handgriff (Germany) - Tibet > Arglistige Täuschung (0:29:30)
10-Speed Guillotine (USA) - Eastern Drive > Psychout For Murder (0:32:45)
DDAA (France) - Your Mother With A Cake > VA: Three Minute Symphony (0:37:50)
Chris Carter (UK) - Solidit [Edit] > VA: Tyranny Of The Beat: Original Soundtracks From The Grey Area (0:40:27)
Daybed (Germany) - Lack Of Light (Radio Edit) > VA: Darkness Before Dawn Vol. 3 (0:43:45)
Fad Gadget (UK) - Newsreel > Fireside Favourites (0:47:57)
Blümchen Blau (Austria) - Flieger > VA: Flieger Flug 1 (0:51:10)
DAF (Germany) - Die Fesche Lola > Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen (0:54:15)
Lebanon Hanover (UK) - Schwarzenegger Tears > Split (0:55:47)
Cultural Amnesia (UK) - Bone Chapel > This Is Not Your Shape (1:00:03)
Broken Penis Orchestra (USA) - The Rape Of The Garden Maiden > VA: Danza De La Vida - Rest In Peace, Again, Syntactic (1:01:32)
D.F. Sadist School (France) - Purgatory II > The Visionary Garden (1:03:43)
Cut Hands (UK) - Welcome To The Feast Of Trumpets > Afro Noise Vol. 1 (1:10:06)
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words (Sweden) - This Failure > Dreadcade (1:12:04)
La Fete Triste (Germany) - Timeless Place > Split (1:16:27)
uMachuPichu (Serbia) - Cao Ljubavi > VA: D:S Volume 2 (1:19:40)
Cinema Strange (USA) - Sadist Sagittarius > Cinema Strange (1:21:42)
Christian Death (USA) - Spectre (Love Is Dead) > Invocations: 1982 - 1989 (1:27:21)
Cocteau Twins (UK) - Wax And Wane > Garlands (1:31:12)
Faith And The Muse (USA) - Shattered In Aspect > Evidence Of Heaven (1:34:53)
X-Mal Deutschland (Germany) - Begrab Mein Herz > Tocsin (1:38:14)
Die Tödliche Doris (Germany) - Tanz Im Quadrat > 7 Tödliche Unfälle Im Haushalt (1:41:10)
Die Goldenen Zitronen (Germany) - Totschlag No. 2 > Das Bisschen Totschlag (1:44:43)
Stan Presley And The Glitter Dust All Stars (USA) - Rock’n’Roll > VA: White Stained Covers (1:47:39)
Konstruktivists (UK) - Back To Black > Back To Black (1:50:29)
P16.D4 (Germany) - “Okay” She Said With Her Customary Total Lack Of Consideration > VA: Devastate To Liberate (1:54:20)
Soft Cell (UK) - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye > Live Flexi Disc (1:55:40)

zxz - no pulse

Stan Przhegodsky aka zxz brought his martial leaning synthpop stomp to Aural Sects wiv his latest release, phantasma. Blam. Blam.


Textbeak flexed his vast knawledge ov good rivethead, goth and post punk on this beauty ov a mixxx for Columbus, Ohio’s own Local Autonomy. SO MANY CLASSICKS. All ALT heads download this corrosive journey, absorb it subcutaneously and report to thee dancefloor. ∞ BLAM

N u r s e W i t h W o u n d – R o c k N R o l l S t a t i o n > R o c k ’ N ’ R o l l S t a t i o n

W i r e – P i e t a > A B e l l I s a C u p … U n t i l I t I s S t r u c k

C l o c k D V A – B u r i e d D r e a m s > B u r i e d D r e a m s

E u r y t h m i c s – M i n i s t r y O f L o v e > 1 9 8 4 ( F o r T h e L o v e O f B i g B r o t h e r)

B A T H – F o l d ( a r c h _ t y p r e m i x )

C h r i s & C o s e y – G a r d e n s O f T h e P u r e > S o n g s O f L o v e & L u s t

D a n i e l l e D a x – P a r i a h >J e s u s E g g T h a t W e p t

J o i e N o i r – C u p C u p { T e x t b e a k r m x f t T h e w a y P e o p l e s t a r e }

S k i n n y P u p p y – S o c i a l D e c e p t i o n > B i t e s

C l i c k C l i c k – P l a y g r o u n d > R o r s c h a c h T e s t i n g

C a b a r e t V o l t a i r e – S e c o n d s T o o L a t e > T h e L i v i n g L e g e n d s

J o y D i v i s i o n – I R e m e m b e r N o t h i n g > U n k n o w n P l e a s u r e s

I n t h e N u r s e r y – A r m M e A u d a c i t y > C o u n t e r p o i n t

E d w a r d K a – S p e l – O ’ f r o m t h e G r e a t S e a > T a n i t h & t h e L i o n T r e e

S p e e d G u i l l o t i n e – T h e H a t e r > L a p t o p A p p e t i z e r s

T h e C u r e – N e w D a y > J o i n T h e D o t s : B – S i d e s A n d R a r i t i e s , 1 9 7 8 – 2 0 0 1 ( T h e F i c t i o n Y e a r s)

C o i l – B l o o d f r o m t h e A i r > H o r s e R o t o r v a t o r

T h e G l o v e – S e x – E y e – M a k e – U p > B l u e S u n s h i n e

T h e W o l f g a n g P r e s s – K i n g o f S o u l > B i r d w o o d C a g e

H e S a i d – F l a g W e a r i n g > H a i l

S i o u x s i e a n d t h e B a n s h e e s – L u n a r C a m e l > K a l e i d o s c o p e

C o c t e a u T w i n s – G a r l a n d s > G a r l a n d s

C i n d y t a l k – M e m o r i e s o f S k i n a n d S n o w > C a m o u f l a g e H e a r t

D e a d C a n D a n c e – T h e C a r d i n a l S i n > S p l e e n a n d I d e a l

Ryan Knowles - control featuring Lily Raven

Tough. Lily Raven stomps all over this Ryan Knowles production. I need strobe lights and sweaty bodies right now. I need to scuff some dance floors with a steeltoed stomp. It’s on thee name yr own price tip so do what you must. B X 2.

XxȻɅƝЅxX - The Gambler (inst)

Moar tuff sound from XxȻɅƝЅxX. With sound bites from the Lion In Winter?? YOU DID DAT. BTW, Peter O’Toole is saying ‘plague’ in my GIF. Gotta love it. INF BLAM.

XxȻɅƝЅxX - A Fantaside

XxȻɅƝЅxX is thee soundtrack to my dreams ov dystopia. ∞ BLAM

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