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Another download must. The latest set from Mike Textbeak’s CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3 show (#14 VЯB∆NV5). No need to fluff it up cos this is HVRD already. Oh my goth, just shut up and dance! /cracks whip twice BLAM BLAM!

23 Skidoo - Language


23 Skidoo - Porno Bass

TXTBK’s CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3 # 15 ┼H33 8XXK XV DЯ34M5 {4 ¥02BΛ}

Download, shut up and dance. This set ist hitting HVЯD.

TackheadMind At The End Of The Tether

Dance or yr dead to me.

Ice - Survival Of The Fattest

COIL - slur

Cyndies - I-Scream

For noisy, slightly disturbed (think copious drugs and rusty knives) dance parties in the dark of abandoned factories.

Cyndies | Tumblr | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

A lil fan made radness for this //TENSE// tune. \/\/37.

And, the crawling and kulty remix Dan Ocean aka BL/\CK CEILING did. \/\/377357.

//TENSE//———————— DISCONNECT MYSELF —————————{ocean rmx} by BL/\CK CEILING

Kitty Lectro bringin’ da Mewwwwwwwwwwwwwww wave!

Kitty Lectro - Mew Wave Gothic Industrial Mix Tape by Mew Wave

A s6k Arts Interview w/Genesis P.

Well worth thee watch. The Based God of Industrial music, Breyer P-Orridge is a huge influence on thee flow of Blambodia. Tek warning: It’s over a half hour long. B X 2.

TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 #24 ESO Large Programme 666 

Yes. On a bit of a visiting old friend ting this last week so I missed both broadcasts of Mike Textbeak's show but after the mid-week airing it always becomes available 4 DL. Wet. Just look at that track list. Chocked to capacity with dark wave/based goth floor fillers. Nattymari, Alien Sex Fiend(yes), High Park, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Skerror, GL▲SS †33†H, Zombelle and Myrrh Ka BaV Nasty and Kreayshawn?? Soaked. Future’s looking darker (and wetter) by the second. TYBased Goth TXTBK. 2 blamz.

Peter Uertz feat. Chantal Ambroise – Tune In Drop Out
1984 – Arabesque (NT89 Remix)
Yoshimoto – Du What u du (Trentemoller Remix) >Du What U Du
Kid Ginseng – I Said I’d Take You to China >KRAFTJERKZ-008
Hussle Club – Night Society (YDH Remix) >Night Society
In Flagranti – Worse For Wear (Punks Jump Up Remix) >Worse For Wear
NOVA – Guantanamo >Sonic Militia
Textbeak – Stormtraps >Lovecraft
DJU – Reflections of Bhang
Princess – bling chains
Skerror – Brazillain >Noctra Mermers
High Park – Love Cult >All Day
EC8OR – Plastic Creatures >All Of Us Can Be Rich
Nattymari – T$LK A$$ O$$ >Nattymari presents MURDERED IN MEMPHIS
Ceremony – It’s Too Late (Justin K Broadrick) >Extended Play
Ulterior – The Death Of Everything >Kempers Heads EP
Demonologists – Midnight
Cold Cave – The Great Pan Is Dead >Cherish The Light Years
Clan Of Xymox – 7th Time >Clan Of Xymox
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Resisting the Spirit >Kooler Than Jesus [EP]
GL▲SS †33†H – O V E R S E E R >CDR
Porn Antler – Jesus and Mary Dildo
DJ U – helpless driver
Alien Sex Fiend – Blessing in Disguise >Curse
Finight – Sjörå
Zombelle & myrrh ka ba – Bukkake is a Feeling
Haujobb – Dead Market (The Horrorist remix) >Dead Market
Uffie – Pop The Glock (SebastiAn Remix) >Pop the Glock

And if you haven’t been tuning in, check out the TXTBK show. CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 on Karnival Radio Sun. 10-12am/Wed 8-10pm

Neue Slowenische Kunst
Neue Slowenische Kunst

Clouds Above Chaos - Triplet (Mechanized Convulsions mix)

Gotta big up thee lovely and talented Melbourne, Australia based electronic/experimental/okkvlt music pusherwoman Sammantha Leesonja of Theway Peoplestare radio show for this find. Clouds Above Chaos are a dark electronic duo from around her way and so, so very choice. And this remix from Mechanized Convulsions (a now defunct Aussie industrial band) is menacing. 3 the hard way: Oz edition. Blam. Blam.

So ready for the latest THEWAY PEOPLESTARE show to be posted! It will be blammed! Believe.

CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3 #27 ┼H33 H▲ND X▼ 6∇∂

Thee latest installment ov Mike Textbeak’s radio show CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 is nice and soaked with dark, emotive music. Featuring some very nice exclusives (peep the tracklist) and his signature double-tap of material from different artists he really knows how to set a proper pace. Loving it. DL and enjoy. Blam. Blam.

And if you haven’t been tuning in, check out the TXTBK show. CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 on Karnival Radio Sun. 10-12am/Wed 8-10pm

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