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Diamond Black Hearted Boy - FUCK CARE

Fuck a genre. Fuck a rep. Fuck a scene. Fuck Care.

Not new to this, true to this. TRIBAL LIFER.

Not new to this, true to this. TRIBAL LIFER.

DJ Dijital Bang

Detroit Techno O.G’s. Underground Resistance are wheeling back some of their catalog in video format on their YouTube. Memory lane fest if you really raved it up. Or a great introduction to some U.R. classics if you haven’t. Worth checking out either way. My stepsister was from the D (7 Mile and Livernois foo!) so I learned the jit waaaay back in 1994. Blam. Blam.

Jay Rock ft. Kendrick Lamar - Hood Gone Love It

Jay Hood and Kendrick Lamar eatin’ on a J.U.S.T.I.C.E LEAGUE beat? Wet.

#Keepin’ it G ain’t nuttin. You ain’t got like it kuz the hood gon’ love it. Ayyyyyyyyye .

CEDAA - Jasmin (SINES Slabs On Swangas Remix)


Houston, Texas duo SINES are my shiz. I mean for reals. I don’t post hood shit out of fascination. I’m really out here. So all the cats inspired by and putting inner city vibes in all the new club music get my utmost respect. This remix for Cedaa and his Jasmin EP out on B Yrslf Division July 20th is so candy paint dripping WET. BLAM. BLAM.

Tokyo Ft. DJSwiggs - Come Ride This Thing

I didn’t think I’d dig this with the autotune intro (Finn the Human is the only kid who sounds good auto-tuned). Oh but then… when that bedspring squeaking kicks in it’s ova, I’m swangin’ and when the drips come in I’m off somewhere on the dance floor getting my own sexy walk on. WET. Jersey kids are having good fun right now. Blam. Blam.

Trap R Die. So wet. So hot. Hot lava. 2 big azz blamz.

Swangas and Vogues
Swangas and Vogues

Expendable Youth - lA mUsIcA tRiVaL vol. 1 

Expendable Youth made this 3ball mix for Generation Bass and the whole ting slapz. I love everything about this mixxx. From the hawt tunes to the extra hood Blingee artwork. You may think I throw around ‘hood’ as a derogatory term. Chale vato. I’m really out here. I love the hood. I rep the barrio. 3rd world inna 1st world ya dun know! Brace yrslf, strap on yer pointy boots and disturb yr neighbors wiv this barrio slumper. 2 blamz.

Some folks get all the luck. T Tauri Traphouse got a soaking mixxx off of Cedaa. Sheeeesh. What’s really good Cedaa? It’s like that? Fa realz? Just playing, do you breh. E’rybody and they mama nem on this dancefloor flooder. 2 blamz.

1. Lucid - Drongo Frongo
2. Look Like - Buggin (Sinjin Hawke Remix)
3. Nerima Funk - Captain Bubbles
4. Brenmar - Want Me
5. Distal - Monroe
6. Usher - Appetite (Kingdom Edit)
7. VV - Eardrums
8. Pacheko - Lamissy
9. NGUZUNGUZU -Timesup
10. Night Drugs ft. Moona - Higher (Everydayz Remix)
11. DJ Yayyay - Micro-Chips (Instrumental)
12. Brenmar - Waiting On
13. Max Ulis ft. Self Evident - Eastsiders
14. Ollie Macfarlane - Someone Warm
15. CRST - Roach Clip
16. DJ Rick & DJ Wilson - Na Paz
17. Clicks & Whistles - Serious Bidness
18. Cedaa - Sapphire (qp’s Lil’ Conundrum Remix)
19. Juxta - Spookin
20. DJ Rashad - 40 Cal
21. Cedaa - Palomino
22. ??? - ???
23. Rizzla - That Thing He Said
24. Sines - Thug Bounce
25. Prince Jean - Merguez (Cedaa Remx)

GH05† sliming the world. Euch so wet. B X 2.

World Tribes

"…But I do NOT regret my child. Stupid bitch I just want to see my child! Do what you may but you will never see me bow! Fuck child support bitch take me to trial!"

So emotional. Dope boy/baby mama drama. Don Trip is that shit. The Memphis, Tennessee repping, ice cold bar slanga made this super custody battling/child separation pain filled choon like 3 years ago and just recently made and official video for it. The original clip for Letter 2 My Son is super trill though. This is basically just a reload. 2 blamz.

chola charm

chola charm

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