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Miami Heat. Game 3 of the playoffs is on right now. And this is and extremely rare, based, cooking, swagstep tribute to to the Miami Heat power forward Udonis Haslem by the MIA based (ha ha) duo O’Grime featuring another MIA based (ha again) group Metro Zu. To be 100% honest, I am not following the playoffs myself and I don’t really fucks with dubstep but I DO fucks with real live master chef cuisine nxt lvl innovative swag. And this is that to the maxxximum. YOP.

Grab the O’Grime EP right |H|E|R|E|

Danny Brown - 30

PMA (but) FTW. +/-. On 30 Danny Brown layz out the gas that brought him to seeing XXX. You underdig? Roman numerals zaggin. Thank you for putting this out Fool’s Gold. Infinite Blamz.

Blam Lord is Chris Shiherlis IRL

Blam Lord is Chris Shiherlis IRL

Dizzy D - Tear it Up ft. Jhi Ali

Gwan and get primal. Dizzy D's LP The Huntsvillian is gonna be killer. NUFF SAID. INF BLAM.

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