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Christoph De Babalon - Massacure

Do I got any old Digital Hardcore Heads out here? Remember that rugged shit?? The pioneers of breakcore music! I don’t need to name drop this dude’s classic DHR releases, go find them yourself. I’m just telling you, I was a big time Digital Hardcore and Christoph De Babalon head. So I’m glad he has some brand new ruckus out. This is my favorite track off his new release ‘A World Of My Own' but all 6 tracks are killer. Blam Blam!

Christoph De Babalon - Facebook // Soundcloud // Bandcamp

▲ı▼ı▲ - N▲S▲

▲ı▼ı▲ (AMA) with a whole heap of triangles and a gang of occult junts on their debut album MMM. This my track forreals. Occult bass. Blam. Blam.

What’s that? You want a late night Blam sesh? Okay.

What’s that? You want a late night Blam sesh? Okay.

Smorf & Rhyme Prophet - Diss O Executado (Poetas Mortos)

Brootal ghetto jook is a worldwide ting now. Smorf ( ov Sao Paolo, Brazil’s Ladu Ceggo) and Rhyme Prophet ( ov Munich, Germany’s 089 Clique) prove that oh so well. Unless you speak both Portuguese ad German, ain’t know one translating this slapper. BLAM. BLAM.

- + gorgeousity + -

- + gorgeousity + -

There is no future.

There is no future.

Atari Teenage Riot - Collapse of History (Pana remix)

Upon hearing that Paris, France based pana has and ep coming out on Soukouch Ethnik(it BANGS btw and I’ma prolly get to it tonight), I had to check dat back catalog and looky here boy. Teenage favs, ATR got future stank slapped on them. This that digital hardcore porn. ∞ BLAM

h00dumentary - HOUSE. OF. MIXED. EMOTIONS.

Leaping through genres inna primal bound this mixxx is out ov control and set on kill mode. h00dumentary got my zaggin up in arms rinsing out blammers into thee dark sky. ∞ BLAM

TCF - 675c7ff1cbedfsdf4c7e7d6sdf9cb96492

Future primitive 2 thee maxxx. This new tune from T C F is like sitting in Blambodia on and old PC and pirating signals off countries as we cruise by. MAYHEM4EVER. ∞ BLAM.

Grausame Töchter - Warum Nur

Thee gorgeous devotchka Aranea Peel and her band Grausame Töchter keep that rivethead spark alive in me. This video drips sex and angst in equal parts. Infinite BLAM.

queen ov darkness

queen ov darkness

Dubit & Alhek - Obsessive Compulsive / SOLUXION RECORDS LIMITED 001 from Dubit on Vimeo.

Dubit & Alhek - Obsessive Compulsive

Dubit and Alhek know what I need for my late late Blambodian stroll. Off their collab ep Wrath out now via Soluxion Records LTD. Blam. Blam.

Grausame Töchter Bis Das Blut Fliesst [ LSG EDIT ] from LittleSerbiaGhetto on Vimeo.

Grausame Töchter - Bis Das Blut Fliesst [LSG EDIT]

What’s that rumble? Just all ov thee Nation getting a good rivet stomp in to some Grausame Töchter. Thee frontwoman, Aranea Peel is a dark alt goddess. ∞ BLAM.



Grausame Töchter vor dem Kölner Dom

Aranea Peel, I love you. Ich bin sadist too. INF BLAM.

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