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San Andreas Theme (Grizzler Remix)

I’m not even a core gamer like a lot of my friends but I am from the L.A. area and I was obsessed with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. So many memories of those Pendleton and Dickies days. And oh shxt the radio stations on that game were on point! So addictive. This remix of the theme by LDN based Grizzler is a must. He keeps them g funk/west coast synth whistles alive but adds a lil more slap to the mix. And that skit in the middle? Strap up, it’s Grove Street! It’s not even my favorite junt from this dude. Much, much more to come. Blam Blam!

San Andreas Theme (Grizzler Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Grizzler Beats ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

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OG wet. The Stoner Gang homies, SortaHuman and Dizzy D goin’ HADOUKEN on that azz. #You win. #Perfect. *Capcom voice*. Infinite BLVM.

Fatima Al Qadiri - Vatican Vibes

Thee levels of wetness in this Fatima Al Qadiri viddy are unfathomable. All I know is Tabor Robak, you are a beast and I want to play that game on my Gamecast (#WELLISAIDIGOTTAAGAMECASTMANDAMNICANTAFFORDIT!!!) B x 2.

Shadowrunners Click - 808-Bit Revenge (G- Mix Feat. Western Tink)

Drip set. Chip set. LA duo Shadowrunners Click have been beasty. They are back on my old blog and shit. Here they team up with Western Tink on a gamer beat to splash bars e’rywhere with lethal and flawless execution. Blam. Blam.

Peril The Antagonist - Gears Of War (You’ll get son’d) *For Serious Gamers* Vintage

Gears of War is that shiz. BX man dem Peril the Antagonist spits game on the game. Bx2.


Self proclaimed ‘8 bit witch’, ATL based goth Seanny Georgie aka NO EYES is on that shyt. This mixxx and his original tracks and refixes all slap. LVL UP PUNX N GET FAMILIAR. INF BLAM.

1Giraffage- Visible
2Story Issac (CRIM3S)-New Flesh
3Perfume- Seventh Heaven (K466 Prog mix)
4Aluna George-You Know You Like It (Lapalux’s Bass Ballad Remix)
5Twin Sister-Kimmi in a rice field (Balam Acab Remix)
6Sonic the Hedgehog 2-Sky Chase Zone (DjCyclops Hip Hop Remix)
7Rick Perry - Gays save Christmas Remix

Friday the 13th Music (NES)


tribetrigger - Minamo (七咲 DRUM’N’BASS REMIX)

Boh! Thank you tribetrigger for this one. And Azumanga Daioh roller. INF BLAM.

SEGA32X - And then she said, Robocop is on​.​wav

SEGA32X in da haus. This choon is crunchy. It sounds like 2D sex. It’s off MLTDS3GACDONAMRBLETBL​.​3x3, a chip flavored release from drone man dem Ormus. Bx2.

ZEBRA KATZ Ima Read (Ft Njena Reddd Foxxx) Black Cracker Remix

Berlin based artist Black Cracker minimal joosed out this awwready cult classic and cunty junt from ZEBRA KATZ. BLAM. BLAM.

Ezekiel feat. dj Javier Estrada, TAB & Natty. - Aguacate (Original mix).

Rowdy Mexican flavored game related bass chaos via Ezekiel and friends. NUFF SAID. INF BLAM.

Himself The Majestic - Eggman

Himself The Majestic is my zaggin. Look for Mexicans Can’t Rap Vol. 2 to drop and Blambodians to be slapping it on repeat like bullied suburban kids did thee Slim Shady EP on some finally, something for us type shyt. NATURE. ∞ BLAM

PLAYER 1: spf5Ø // PLAYER 2: Alt Link (a.k.a. BLAM LORD) - ▲ll Bl▲ck †riforces

*NFSW* Viddy this seamless datamosh ov gamey funk fetish appeal. Spank you very much POST RELIGION. Out’s to spf5Ø for thee okkvlt chip canvas for my Alt Link alter ego to emerge and get dutty on. Blam Lord’s Quest is out soon on Aural Sects. Infinite BLAM.

Infinite boost to everyone at Aural Sects and beyond that helped create this massive video game related project. PRESS START. NUFF SAID. ∞ BLAM



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