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Lao - Papolin

Mexico City man dem Lao never fails me with his Latin flavored electric vibes. I got my straw stingy brim and mirrorshades on with this one playing. Barriocyberpunk. Blam. Blam.

Jack Dixon - Coconuts

Jack Dixon bringing the pure garridge vibes. It’s got that I wanna do laps around the city on thee expressway in the rain feel. Blam. Blam.

Waka Flocka Flame - Drinkin & Smokin (Sinjin Hawke & Grandtheft Bootleg)

Scary wet. Flex. B x 2

Cholita Sound - Choquechinchay El Jaguar

Chilean bad gal Caterina Purdy aka Purdy Rocks aka Cholita Sound is my shiz. Future-prim in thee flesh. Dos BLAMS.

GLOVER JUNIOR - Listen To The Music

LA raised NYC based Glover Junior is at it again with a futuristic club slapper. Infinite BLAM.

BBS - (We Stay) Up All Night (NaZaretH Bootleg)

Brutally soaked. N▲Z▲RΞ †H can flip anyting but Kuduro is his foundation. Thee future of Kuduro is his sound. He killed the Buraka Som Sistema banger. No mercy, firing squad. Blam. Blam.

MYRRYRS - Blood Of A Slave

So wet. Primal life. MYRRYRS is swanging hard with the title track for his upcoming EP on B.YRSLF Division. Dare I say it’s OFF THE CHAIN? I dare. I come from slave stock fuck it. Blam. Blam.

The XX - Night Time (Synkro Remix)

Mancunian man dem Synkro flipped thee shiz outta this xx choon. I couldn’t help but blam this cos I love it’s vibe so much. Nuff said. 2 BLAMZ.

Sines - Wiley Riddim

Sines, you a foo for jooking some Eskiboy flava. RAVE LIFE NEVA DEAD. B x 2.


Young Bukkake on one again. Totally rePHRESHed this junt from Denmark emcee Niklas. Borderline dub step. Pure primal. Now FLEX. 2 BLAMZ.

Sorrow & Owsey - Approaching Farewell

New joose from the phresh and futuristic garridge collaborators Sorrow and Owsey. Feel the buzz vibrating yr face. B x 2

A.P.- All I Seen

By all means necessary fam bro fam. A.P. whipped up a good hustler’s anthem for thee Now Age. Blam. Blam.

Sines - Get Dun Up

Wet like my activator spray. Houston, Texas future bass bully SINES getting a lil beefy right here. Jook and chop to this. Blam. Blam.

powwoww - Cure Us

Super joosy futuristic CLUB powwoww? This is soaked. Inf Blam.

Vanity Jukebox Vol. 9: EMBERS Mixed by NiRE

Wettttt. NYC gal dem NiRE hooked up Wearevane with this global ghetto club slapping mixxx. T2’s Heartbroken in this ting tho?? ILY gurl. Blam. Blam.

“Crushed Velvet” - Udachi ft. Nani Castle
“Find Your Way” - Superisk (Mensah remix) x “Yankin” - Lady
“Find Your Way” - Superisk Mensah remix x “Wegue Wegue” Buraka Som Sistema
“Wegue Wegue” Buraka Som Sistema x “Shottas” - Munchi (NguzuNguzu remix)
“Shottas” - Munchi (NguzuNguzu remix) x “Heartbroken” - T2
“Heartbroken” - T2 x “Angolan Kung Fu” - Makongo (Dubbel Dutch remix)
“True Love Fantasy” - Unicorn Kid
“Lift Off” - Araabmuzik
“212” - Azealia Banks
“Plains” - Magick Mountain (Physical Therapy Praise Mix)
“Call Back I’m Busy (demo)” - Nire
“Leader of the Pack - Mapei x “Warn-U” Ayshay (NguzuNguzu remix)

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