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Missil - Kawaii

French gal Missill is so kawaii. Really love the hook ov this tune tho, srsly. It sounds like old time London garridge diva vox candy coated in Shibuya flava. Blam. Blam.

LEΛN MUSƗC - .GĦB. from OVNAV on Vimeo.


French man dem .GĦB. leanin and swaggin en français. Deux BLAM.

neat - What If

Lyon, France’s neat coming down wiv a wicked futuristic stepper. Loving it. 2 BLAMZ.

Kaptain Cadillac - Show Me Luv

And older but permanently wet release (the Eldorado Biarritz 1957 EP out on Booty Call Records) from Paris based man dem Kaptain Caddilac. Ghetto Tech is global hoe. Midwest to thee masses and big asses. INF-BLAM.

Clapper Lark - Get money

Uggh. France doesn’t stop wiv new and beasty club murderers. Add Clapper Lark (That’s a South African bird right there so I’ma say it, SOWETO) to the European animalz throwing down sounds. Blam. Blam.

Bonjour Tristesse - Partner in Crime

Wet. Göteborg, Sweden based Bonjour Tristesse got a fan in Blambodia for this tune. Off French label LA FORME LENTE's 1st compilation ov synth vibes, and EP called Circuit d’Actes. DEUX BLAMZ.

Prime Slime - Rubber

So wet. Blam Lord love rubber? #YOUKNOWIT! This junt is my anthem. The latest release from Booty Call Records is on that lvl. Nightmare Juke Squad member Prime Slime's Slime Me A River EP is pure stank. And that’s a compliment ya under dig? INF BLAM.

6V6 - Enfer Itinérant

My Parisian phamilee 6V6 went off into corpsepaint world wiv this video. INF BLAM.

Raoul Juke - Submissiveness

Thoback French bangz from Raoul Juke. Cinematic slapz. Str8 Blambodian. 2 BLAMZ.


Primal. JØRÐY from dat GHB collectiv drippin down trill shyt, en français. BLAM DEUX .

Mr H - Ghetto

INNA DE GHETTTTTTTTTTO!!! French man dem Monsieur H's EP Val Mobb Bass out now on Booty Call Records has got me jitting hard. INF BLAM.

My stepsister is from Livernois and 7 Mile. I been jitting since the 95-96 era #trilltalk. So please believe I was onnit when I heard ghettotech torch bearer French man dem Kaptain Caddilac was dropping his Deville 1974 EP on Booty Call Records. INF BLAM.

Kaptain Cadillac - Booty Up Booty Down feat Six Foe

Kaptain Cadillac just dropped his Deville 1974 EP and got this Detroit emcee Six Foe to turn this into a real deal Ghetto Tech affair. How come Booty Call Records outta France is thee only label getting it on that Detroit tip?? INF BLAM.

Atari Teenage Riot - Collapse of History (Pana remix)

Upon hearing that Paris, France based pana has and ep coming out on Soukouch Ethnik(it BANGS btw and I’ma prolly get to it tonight), I had to check dat back catalog and looky here boy. Teenage favs, ATR got future stank slapped on them. This that digital hardcore porn. ∞ BLAM

Konga-Konga - Ichstoystega Dance Party Feat. Mr.Licious

Wet. Primal ass bass jut like I likes it. Big up Konga-Konga. BLAM X 2.

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