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Steven Jo - Locked Up

Okay Steven Jo. This is fweago. Stay low and keep one eye on them policia my zaggin! And free all my locked up homies! Blam. Blam.

kitty pryde - quarantine (max b cover)

And I’m out on the waviest note. Lil ginge kitty pryde covering Biggavel. #DEAD. INF BLAM.

Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker – Been Told (Prod. by The Hood Internet)

Wait, Biggaveli riding a Sleater-Kinney junt?? Owwwww. I think it’s solid that Isaiah Toothtaker reached out to him and tbh there aren’t many even in thee rap game that been inside and/or can relate to the Boss Don’s pain. With thee trillwave backing ov The Hood Internet this TOOTHY WAVY album is destined for that infinite rinse. Large up Мишка for the debut. FREE MAX B. ∞ BLAM

Max B + Isaiah Toothtaker – A Kingdom (Prod. by The Hood Internet)

Hardest shyt out. Fuck wit that TOOTHY WAVEMENT before I come out my square and put air holes in yr forehead. Free the Silver Surfer. Big up Мишка. Machina Muerte por vida. ∞ BLAM

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