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V O I D promo mix MAI 2011


V 0 1 D mix MAI 2011 by kkoee

Worth a listen und download.

(via voidberlin-deactivated20131126)

Another download must. The latest set from Mike Textbeak’s CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3 show (#14 VЯB∆NV5). No need to fluff it up cos this is HVRD already. Oh my goth, just shut up and dance! /cracks whip twice BLAM BLAM!

Front Line Assembly - Justify My Love

Kitty Lectro bringin’ da Mewwwwwwwwwwwwwww wave!

Kitty Lectro - Mew Wave Gothic Industrial Mix Tape by Mew Wave

unicornslut - J’arr

Those blackened vox propelled this track right through my brain. I wanna see all the fuck me eyes get made when this deadly (yet sexual in the basest nature) darkness is played. It’s gotta be past midnight though. You can’t come in to a club with this on. This is that 1:55, right before last call, fvck the world, dripping with sweat, let the beast out shxt. No ebm dancing, no practiced cyber goth moves, LOSE YRSELF. #TYUnicorn Slut. 2 B L A M Z.


So wet. SRSLY STALLENGRAD? Where ya been?! It’s cool though. I just wanna murderlize someone right now to this. I just pulled on my leather driving gloves and picked up my stiletto. Doing my death dance all across the discotheque. Don’t stand so close to me. INFINITE BLAM.

zxz - no pulse

Stan Przhegodsky aka zxz brought his martial leaning synthpop stomp to Aural Sects wiv his latest release, phantasma. Blam. Blam.

That grave cold chillout room sound ov High Park and thee martial dance ov zxz formed ▼□■□■□■ and put this EP out on Aural Sects. NUFF SAID. INF BLAM.

Digital Poodle - Beat The Fool

CLINT CATALYST - TXTBK’s CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3 #62 Flashing Heat and Spinning Wild Desire

Thee dark alt god himself, Clint Catalyst descended onto TXTBK’S CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 and pummeled thee sound tonight. Gliding gracefully through cavernous depths ov dance and depravity I absolutely loved his whole persona. And all guns instantly went off in Blambodia when he complimented me on my music taste in thee chat. Thee natives chests all swelled with pride. INFINITE BLAM.

Every Sunday, 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST you can get on Bummer Bit Radio and hear Textbeak or choice guests bringing you down into thee dark nether regions ov thee CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3.

I’m Coming Hardcore – M.A.N.I.C. (Veil of Thorns remix) : Veil of Thorns
Lemon/Lime : Richard X
Unspeakable : Mount Sims
Minty – The Grid (powwowW remix) : powwowW
girlz : GL▲SS †33†H
Voodoo Pussy : Miss Prada
Put It There : Princess Tinymeat
ƒ∀ġĝɵŧ (feat. Jack Norworth) : Three Spaces
Cish Cash (Basement Jaxx Featuring Siouxsie Sioux) : Mr. M, Henry Self & Barbeau
New Fashion (T666 remix) : a;GRUMH
N20 : h∞d∞
hAD yOu : Nattymari
Model For Me : Jer Ber Jones
Analogically Reacting : Nancy Fortune
Séance Infernale : Mater Suspiria Vision feat. How I Quit Crack and Scott Klaus
ŵǂŦʗħ Ƨɚx đųb : Kaos Sigil
Saturated Love : Locust
Ham & Eggs : GVCCI HVCCI
Kinky Nation (Kingdom Kum) : Egyptian Lover
Topsy Turvy : Johnny Dangerous
Beez in the Trap (Physical Therapy Remix) : Nicki Minaj
Nightmare : Kid Unknown
We Evil Sin : Monotrona
Lick It – Karen Finley (Veil of Thorns remix) : Veil of Thorns
Travesty : Din
Shake Your Body (△AIMON Remix) : Tyra Banks
Queenie (MK Dub Mix) : Ethyl Meatplow
Why Won’t You Call Me Back : My Robot Friend
The Biggest Fan (Black Strobe Mix) : Märtini Brös
The Song Of Shadows : Mondkopf
The Fudge Punch : Wiseblood
Heaven : Until December
Flowers Of Evil (Ghoul Remix) : GHXST
C ø † † ø N : I††
Anal Staircase (Dionysian Remix) : Coil
Spoken by Stephanie from Versailles, Yes I Do : Chicks on Speed
6’7 : Angel Haze

The Overthrow had resident selector Tamara Sky throw down a mega solid modern goth set for thee Los Angeles weekly event, (yes, that one with thee sickest pictures) L1L_DΞΔŦH. Feeling it. INF BLAM.

Burned Mind (Tamara Sky Welcome to Videodrome Edit) – Wolf Eyes
Stigmata – Ministry
Theme from Star Vehicle – Gianni Rossi
Oblivion – Grimes
Dann Ist Das Gut – Schwefelgelb
Who’s Afraid (Of the Red, White and Blue) – Pat Riot
Web Swag – Lazer Sword
Germania – Dj Hell
Homo-Compatible (Tamara Sky Videodrome Irreversible Edit) – Discodeine
Where is the Captain? – ZZT
Exotic Jesus – Lando Kal
Bitch I’m Bustin’ at Em’ ( White Ring Remix) – Waka Flocka Flame
Kup Kup ( Valis Remix) – Joie Noire
Long Live The New Flesh – Tamara Sky (Burned Womb Edit)
Operating Tracks – Front 242
Body Of Eyes (Gesaffelstein Violation Remix)(Tamara Sky Death Edit) – Sei A
The Disaster – Dj Hell
Inutile Éternité – Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Corpore – Fatima Al Qadiri
Last Breath – Dj Funeral
RDI (Girl Unit Remix) – Breton
Holes – Crim3s
AM – Andesmas
Love Like Blood – Killing Joke

Grausame Töchter - Warum Nur

Thee gorgeous devotchka Aranea Peel and her band Grausame Töchter keep that rivethead spark alive in me. This video drips sex and angst in equal parts. Infinite BLAM.

queen ov darkness

queen ov darkness

MATSFER - You think you’re a bad boy?

MATSFER dropped thee hammer on this one. Feel that clank. Blam x 2.

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