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Drexciya - Hydro Theory (Phillip D Kick footwork edit)

One of the all time O.G.’s of afro futuristic vibes, Drexciya built a hella wavey (literally) Oceanic mythos around himself. On some Black Atlantean shxt, a whole race of underwater dwellers born from slave women cast into the sea after being found unusable. Babies are suspended in liquid anyways so why not come out breathing pure Atlantic? Releasing a slew of Drexciyan warrior/water based Detroit Techno with the infamous Underground Resistance crew I couldn’t get enuff of it back in the good ol’ raver days.

And then along comes jukeamaniac Philip D Kick with this wet footwork edit. Detroit and Chicago crossover/Tidal strength wetness. I can feel my gills opening. Time for Atlantis to rise from the depths. Destroy all humans! B L A M B L A M.

Drexciya - Hydro Theory (Phillip D Kick footwork edit) by Phillip D Kick

Drexciya - Bottom Feeders

Old time Detroit wetness. For realz.



Norway based DJ VLR in assoc with Future Music made this epic mix of thee wettest Drexciya jointz a bit ago and it is still available for download. Blambodia and Drexciya share a border. Both nations being ghetto gothic, afrofuturistic and out there in the ocean somewhere. So wavy bro. You want a huge set of OG Drexciyan flavored (And water based. Lulz) Detroit Techno? Here it is. 2 blamz.

Tracklisting (Over 40 trackz!)


Thank you Night Life for this set. Dark Techno and Electro vibes from Drexciya to The Exaltics and Egyptian Lover. 2 Blamz.

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