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OJ Da Juiceman ft. Project Pat, Trae & 8Ball - Grillz Are Gold ( Chopped-N-Skrewed ) Collabo

Dripppppping. This is a candy paint 4 x 4 riding high and swanging down. Feel the different approaches to thoed music and lean with me. Blam. Blam.

Oj Da Juiceman - Dj Lil Sprite
Project Pat - Dj Chops-A-Lot
Trae - Dj Chucksta
8Ball - Dj Marksman

DJ Insane - Grave Digger ( Dragged-N-Chopped )

Lil Sprite is a mufuckin monsta. Turn this devil shit up with me, throw them horns and jook. Blam. Blam.

Fat Pimp Ft. Pimp C - If I Wasnt Rappin ( Slowed-N-Chopped ) by DJ Lil Sprite

Slow it down mane. Lil Sprite thoed this anthem juss right. RIP PIMP C. RIP DJ SCREW. INF BLAM

Trae Tha Truth ft. 2 Chainz - I Got One ( Slowed-N-Chopped ) by DJ Lil Sprite

This swaaaaaangz. RIP Money Clip D. TYLILSPRITE. INF BLAM.

Lady Murda - Devils Daughter (Dragged & Chopped) by DJ Lil Sprite

Lil Sprite thoed this cult classic Lady Murda junt proper. #DEVILSHYT \m/ BLAM x II.

8Ball ft. MJG - Showed Up ( DJ Lil Sprite )

Thee organ in this junt came out when Lil Sprite thoed it. That’s that shyt. Him and fellow underground boss DJ HDZ got a new mixtape called Outlaw Killaz for all them S.L.A.B riders. RIP SCREW. Get it H E R E. ∞ BLAM

DJ LIl Sprite - Still Standing

Thee latest mixtape from LIl Sprite come out l8r today. NUFF SAID.∞ BLAM

Mr. Sche - Im From The Undaworld ( Dragged N Chopped ) by DJ Lil Sprite

DJ LiL Sprite dragged this Mr. Sche junt something serious. I’m repping dat underworld for life so I been jooking through Blambodia to both thee original and this edit since they came out. Mr. Sche spits real ghetto gothic truths. Download Devil Haze (dragged and chopped) and support thee underground. RIP SCREW. Infinite BLAM.

Riff Raff Ft. Chief Keef - Cuz My Gear ( S & C ) by DJ Lil Sprite

Swang dine to this. DJ Lil Sprite is a S.L.A.B-ologist. RIP SCREWZOO. ∞ BLAM


Lil Wyte Ft. Partee & Project Pat - Money ( S & C ) by DJ Lil Sprite

Okay den Lil Sprite, you thoed this. Outs to all my IRL grinders out there. Pace yourself, watch out for them rollers. ∞ BLAM.

Riff Raff- Bo Jackson Freestyle (Slowed & Chopped) by DJ Lil Sprite

DJ Lil Sprite dug in thee vault ov thee Rice Emperor and slabbed up a timeless junt. INF BLAM.

Gucci Mane - Scarface ( Slowed & Chopped ) by DJ Lil Sprite

Gucci Mane slowed and sliced by that zaggin DJ Lil Sprite. Swang dine. ∞ BLAM.

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