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Getting down to Number of Names - Sharevari on the legendary Detroit show The Scene.

I’m just trying to make re-up!

Elzhi made his Elmatic to be a Detroit repping, reworking of the Nas classic Illmatic. I didn’t know how I’d feel about this at first so I hesitated on even acknowledging it. That album is something serious to me because I first heard it when my big brother brought me the cassette while I was doing time in the California Youth Authority. Real talk. And I was thoroughly on my west coast, best coast lean then. So, Nas was like a beacon from the East. And Illmatic was like a hood statue of liberty beckoning me to respect NYC street rap. It did it’s job and then some.

Well Elzhi with the help of the Will Sessions band, Detroit heavyweights themselves; paid proper homage and then some. I won’t get into a track for track breakdown (Never that, this is blam blam after all.) but the whole album is worth a listen and the feelings that will bubble up with each new Detroit flavored, Elzhi delivered, live music backed rendition of the old Illmatic standard.

Elmatic is a free DL so you have nothing to lose. Grab it H | E | Я | E

*Good looking out to the homie Aar On for the find.

Drexciya - Hydro Theory (Phillip D Kick footwork edit)

One of the all time O.G.’s of afro futuristic vibes, Drexciya built a hella wavey (literally) Oceanic mythos around himself. On some Black Atlantean shxt, a whole race of underwater dwellers born from slave women cast into the sea after being found unusable. Babies are suspended in liquid anyways so why not come out breathing pure Atlantic? Releasing a slew of Drexciyan warrior/water based Detroit Techno with the infamous Underground Resistance crew I couldn’t get enuff of it back in the good ol’ raver days.

And then along comes jukeamaniac Philip D Kick with this wet footwork edit. Detroit and Chicago crossover/Tidal strength wetness. I can feel my gills opening. Time for Atlantis to rise from the depths. Destroy all humans! B L A M B L A M.

Drexciya - Hydro Theory (Phillip D Kick footwork edit) by Phillip D Kick

Drexciya - Bottom Feeders

Old time Detroit wetness. For realz.

DJ Dijital Bang

Detroit Techno O.G’s. Underground Resistance are wheeling back some of their catalog in video format on their YouTube. Memory lane fest if you really raved it up. Or a great introduction to some U.R. classics if you haven’t. Worth checking out either way. My stepsister was from the D (7 Mile and Livernois foo!) so I learned the jit waaaay back in 1994. Blam. Blam.

Whoa, whoa Chewie. Watch where you pointing that bowcaster. It is definitely loaded.

Been bangin’ this Random Axe album this week. Detroit. Brooklyn. Duck Down. \\Blam Blam///.

*Wiv a Dallas Penn assist on the Chewbacca/wildin in public video tip.

Cocky Balboa Mini Mix

Detroit based Cocky Balboa has made my nite wiv this one. Sheeeeit. 20 mins of serious juke and jit juntz. I wanna get up on a bopper and juke dat hoe right now. Wetter than a big bitch booty crease. ZWVG. 2 BLAMZ.

Cocky Balboa - Dog That Pussy

Dog that pussy like a Blue Pit.

MANASYt - First Mission To Oberon

MANASYt keepz thee phresh and menacing techno vibes rolling. This track killz. From his ‘07 album Filthdonor. 2 blamz.

Bronze Nazareth Ft. RZA - Fresh From The Morgue

Detroit wu affiliate Bronze Nazareth dripping gems phresh phrom the morgue. With a cult classic Rza assist. Arm leg leg arm head wetness. 2 blamz.

Die swaggin
Die swaggin

Underground Resistance

Underground Resistance

XXX 8.15.11

Danny Brown - Die Like A Rockstar

Too trill. This shit goooooooooooooooooooooooes. Detroit Rock City gas man Danny Brown namedropping overdose/Club 27 infamous rocker names like nobodies bidness. Love this zaggin. Infinite BLAM.

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