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This is thee ∆AIMON Halloween Special 4 CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3 and it’s available for download now. Peep thee tracklist. Embrace thee okkvlt. Infinite BLAM.

01. The Beatles – Helter Skelter > The Beatles
02. ▲NDRΛS – Ten of Swords (∆AIMON REMIX) > Ten of Swords Remixes
03. ∆AIMON – mirrors fade > FLATLINER EP (coming soon)
04. Throbbing Gristle – Hamburger Lady (Carter Tutti Remix) > Mutant TG
05. FUNERALS – To the End > MARAE Remixes
06. Sunt Lachrymae Rerum – THUNDER PERFECT MIND > unreleased
07. Balam Acab – Fragile Hope > Wander / Wonder
08. The Ceremonial Dagger – echo-envoker > The Ceremonial Dagger
09. Black Sun Empire – Spork > Lights & Wires
10. Bong-Ra – Coke Sniffah > Stereohype Heroin Hooker
11. Burial Hex – Book Of Delusions (FUNERALS Remix) > Book Of Delusions
12. High Park – New Vegas > New Vegas
14. powwoww – K4rma 4 U
15. Massive Attack vs Burial – Four Walls > Four Walls / Paradise Circus
16. 13th FLOOR – regret > lithium project EP
17. noize.creator – macron. [nasenbluten. remix] > au04
18. CDataKill – Forget It (Juno) > Brazilian Nightmare
19. ∆AIMON – JACOBS LADDER (SONNYBOY) > My Dearest Killer… Unholy Rhythms Halloween Mix 2011
20. Chrysta Bell – Bird Of Flames > This Train (Produced By David Lynch)
21. Vortex Rikers – You Are The Morning (I Am The Night) > Oceanic
22. I†† – løcal løcvs†s > Tundra vs. Robot Elephant 12” (coming soon)
23. M¥rrH Ka Ba – ▼iolent ▽alentine > M¥rrH Ka Ba
24. UNISON – Put Your Hands In The Air > UNISON
25. IVVVO – Please
26. White Horse – Sewn Shut > THE REVENANT GOSPELS volume III
27. ∆AIMON – EVIL EYE / CHOKE > (coming soon)

And if you haven’t been tuning in, check out the TXTBK show. CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 on Karnival Radio Sun. 10-12am/Wed 8-10pm

Tracy - Essiac

Nice and dark techno off thee Dynamic Reflection label. Nuff said. B x 2.

C.A.N.S - Eddie Licorace

Mmmm, dark wave. Don’t get any in yr mouth though. This would eat through your stomach lining in seconds. Thnx again C.A.N.S for anuva big city kid strutter. INFINITE BLAM.

Sylphides - Moon November

Wet. Belgium based Sylphides has me walking slowly on a dark and damp goat trail deep in Blambodia. B x 2.

CRAVE - Night Belief

Soaked. Thee latest project from Jonny Teardrop is called CRAVE and it’s debut album HEAL is full ov noise and doom. Join me in a slow motion circle pit. Blam. Blam.




Modern dark wave queen MARA5 is on thee ABHORRENCE comp out next month on Pale Noir. I CAN’T WAIT. B x 2.


Dripping. The Fraternal Order of the Black Eagle got my guerillas lockstepping to this tough tune. Blam. Blam.

Cold Hard - Get Away

This is crazy ass Cold Hard from Chicago legends Crucial Conflict. Still got that high pitched looney pimp voice too. Straight VL shit. Damn I love my Midwest/Medieval ghetto gothic bredren. Blam. Blam.

BL▲CK † CEILING x MOON MIRROR (unedited mashup jam) spf5Ø

In thee Aural Sects laboratory, spf5Ø fused a BL▲CK † CEILING junt to a MOON MIRROR one and up arose a black frame mirrorshade wearing, too kewl fer skool, dead to the world cyborg with a taste fo blood and menacing spins on the dancefloor. INF-BLAM.

You can be my goth Kate Moss tonight.

You can be my goth Kate Moss tonight.


Witchboy at it again. This is dutty wet like bathroom stall sexxx. Blam. Blam.

Mariano Viola - Big Data

Venetian Mariano Viola knows how to lay down some serious dark electronic pressure. Nuff said. B x 2.

Arae - Witching Hour (Sleepyhead & Mess Kid Remix)

Brooknam man dem Arae gets his track flipped by two other NYC based future sound pushers, Sleepyhead and Mess Kid. Big city overcast cruising music right chea. Blam. Blam.

Zambri - On Call

This choon is wet. Sister duo Zambri make that dark and dreamy big city goth pop that I dig. Their debut EP Glossolalia is out now on Kanine Records and this single is available for DL below. Bx2

*Xtra Blam outs to my IRL homie Cybertooth Tiger for this find.

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