Posts tagged "Dark Mother"

dark mother - Rivalz

Duo dark mother hail from Denver and this dark junt is wet. Nuff said. Bx2.

Ira Rat - oak island remix by dark mother

Thee dark mother refix off this oak island (single) EP from Ira Rat is large and in charge. I bust out my savage crotch thrust to this. Thee EP is set on name your price mode so get it how ya live. BLAM x 2.

DARK MOTHER - drowning the light

Blamlordamercy. This DARK MOTHER choon got a New God wiping his brow and praying to himself. Does anyone catch that feint Ready For The World current in this? I do. Approved to thee maxxx. INF BLAM.

Dark Mother - Go Away

Dark Mother have released their debut ep Anda on Baku Shad-do. Get it for 3 bones and drift off into into thee Blambodian fog. ∞ BLAM.

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