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Get yr booty on the floor toniiiiiite. Make my day.

Bomba Estereo - Ponte Bomb



Pictureplane - Real Is A Feeling

Exploring and exposing new dance music is where it’s at. Especially if you treat music like it’s spiritual and I feel Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane has always took that to heart. This has been sort of mantra/motto/tune I’ve been enjoying lately. Real is a feeling! Yeeeeeah.

Glover Junior - Doo Doo Brown

This is so rad. Tracy Glover aka Glover Junior’s kllr azz revisioning of Luke’s I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown) with a video clip of dem funny face making South African Kwaito kids. Perfection.

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Urban Tribe. Congo/Norge reppin’ thick Norwegian grrl swag.


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Trouble

This is one of my jamz right now. Hopeless romantic that I am. And the video? Woosh. Tribal headdress stylin’ on ‘em.

Sarki - All Sounds The Same

Sarki is on one with this all tings Todd Edwards mixxx. The New Jersey born and bred UK Garridge king paid proper tribute too. Blam Blam.

Sarki - All Sounds The Same by johnlew

FUNERALS refixed Violet Tremors tune Violent Trance. Soak in it. Now, feel your way around on this pitch black dance floor bb, come find me.


Sick Cell with a goth dancer in all it’s glory. Feeeeeeling it. Limited DL so get it, get it.

Motionless (edit) by Sick Cell by sickcellmusic

Jamaal Rashad - She’s Grinding (OMG)

More Team Bear Club shiz. WET. OMG. DL h/e/r/e

Mc SabarĂ¡ - Rei do Passinho

I could easily live in Rio cos it’s so primal. Mc Sabara is a funk carioca bossman carrying on tradition. He doesn’t care about crossing over. He’s doing good. And you gotta love the kids throwin’ down their favela footwork for the video. This is so wet.

Tokyo Ft. DJSwiggs - Come Ride This Thing

I didn’t think I’d dig this with the autotune intro (Finn the Human is the only kid who sounds good auto-tuned). Oh but then… when that bedspring squeaking kicks in it’s ova, I’m swangin’ and when the drips come in I’m off somewhere on the dance floor getting my own sexy walk on. WET. Jersey kids are having good fun right now. Blam. Blam.

Handsome Furs - "What About Us" from stereogum on Vimeo.

Handsome Furs - What About Us

Handsome Furs wiv a liberating viddy. Srsly. Bodies are breathing full frontal and free. B X 2.

Expendable Youth - lA mUsIcA tRiVaL vol. 1 

Expendable Youth made this 3ball mix for Generation Bass and the whole ting slapz. I love everything about this mixxx. From the hawt tunes to the extra hood Blingee artwork. You may think I throw around ‘hood’ as a derogatory term. Chale vato. I’m really out here. I love the hood. I rep the barrio. 3rd world inna 1st world ya dun know! Brace yrslf, strap on yer pointy boots and disturb yr neighbors wiv this barrio slumper. 2 blamz.

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