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San Gabriel – Experimental Forest

Butchy Fuego has a side proj called San Gabriel. It’s even moar nxt lvl then his other tings. No ceilings mane. Inf Blam.

This tape by Contact Lens would not be out ov place in a 92 tape deck. There are some big samples floating through thee whole thing (27 tracks) that return me to that period. It’s straight Generra sweaters, Z. Cavaricci pants, cocaine and gold chains. Float. ∞ BLAM

Young Pharaohs - Dark Temple

Denver trio Young Pharaohs have just released their debut album, White Shadows (available to purchase now in digital format or on cassette through Chillmegachill in June). It’s filled with futuristic R&B junts. This one though is like WHOA. Nuff said. BLAM. BLAM

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