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†▲βU∩∩ℽ▲† - Pachinko de Mayo (H3∆R† 5U†UR3 remix)

Manchester, UK based goth bredren Bunny of thee almighty infamous Aural Sects camp took a stab at the Haruki Tamesue instrumental and… okay, no, more like that mufucka got gored 2 death. Those vox sound like the wounds on the body are trying to speak to the killer. Multiple wound conversations with the assailant. Phresh 2 death. 2 blamz.

Zombelle and M¥rrĦ ka ba - Tropocalypse

How can you feel un-cool while listening to this?? It sounds like what being a double agent in a Milan night club VIP must feel like. Post kill. Signs made this rad viddy for thee homies Zombelle and M¥rrĦ ka ba. If you haven’t, go cop the Tropicult EP on Tundra. Ecco the dolphin is in this b i t c h. Blam. Blam.

Blambodia is a water based primal azz utopia. Get wet.

Blambodia is a water based primal azz utopia. Get wet.

cp - Broken dreams(summer is over) .

Aural Sects member cp pushing this soulful ting right through my brain. Multiple eargasm. 2 blamz.

Kaleido Dancer powwoww

powwoww doing what he does best. Create atmosphere outta nothing. So magical. So wet. Blam. Blam.

Teams feat. Bobbi Dahl - Kitty Slave

'I'll get violent on yr ass yeah?' *Bobbi Dahl voice* This is wetter than wet. Teams and Bobbi Dahl getting all bdsmwave and stuff. Zwvggin visuals created by MFK. #Rare is thee new Black (#Black is thee new Rare.) Blam. Blam.


That Chev dog lookin mean in this viddy. Zakee hooked it up on this smoothed out junt. Perfect Fall damp cruising tune. 2 blamz.

Leatherface - Inseguimento

FUCK ME RUNNING. Leatherface is a cotdamn fool for this one! What is this? Luxurious drug lord juke? Cartel footwork? Dope gamer bangs? Infinite BLAM

DJ Flash - I Have A Dream

MICHΔEL MYERZ - Crazy Charlie

Soaked. One ov thee best tingz I have heard inna bit. MICHΔEL MYERZ went tha fvck off. Had me brutal cooking in Blambodia. Primal cannibal stew cauldron stirring. 2 BLAMZ.

ENER Y DECI - BROOD FRIENDS FOREVER (A Nattymari Obliteration)

My main ones, the real heads I consider extended phamilee are going off right now. Like it’s thee end times or something. Nattymari never let’s up so it’s just nice to see his melted retina I’m super high off these 4 vials ov grade a Nuke approach to this ENER Y DECI track. All the remixes on this Aural Sects released EP are soaked though so make sure to DL that shiz. INFINITE BLAM.

'o F F' - BE AROUND U …

Wet. This new ting from 'o F F' makes me wanna slow grind a pelvic bone. Horizontally. Naked. Get me. B x 2.


I’m emotionally soaked. Love you BBGRRl. Miss you BBGRRL. Thank you PERSONA LA AVE. BLAM DEUCES. INF BLAM.

 t i g h t

t i g h t


Pleasantly surprised and triple OG funk style happy with this retro electro mixxx that young blood Shisa made. Xtra shots busted for that future leant artwork from weirdluck. Whuddup homies? /Locks body, begins wave. ∞ BLAM

Maggotron Crushing Crew - The bass that ate Miami
Techmaster P.E.B Activate and Time To Jam
Shavonne - So Tell me, Tell me
Newcleus - Teknology
Starlight - Dance to the Beat
Shock - Crank It Up
Newcleus - Space is the place

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