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M.E.S.H. - On My Body (Craxxxmurf 50g Protein Mix)

E’rybody still sleeping on Craxxxmurf. Well, not Berlin based M.E.S.H. And meanwhile, in Blambodia we be BANGING these slappers. INFINITE BLAM.

Craxxxsoft - Up 3Dayz Adderall & Red Bull ((Neuport ReDose 30mg))

Neuport re-chewed this chewed up Craxxxmurf refix and basically got all ov Blambodia baby birding 2 digest it. It’s that wet. 2 BLAMZ.

Crysmurf - Long Distance

So ricockulously wet. Craxxxmurf got Brandy to smoke some ice and next ting ya know she started spazzing on thee floor in a breakcore riddim (#INAGOODWAY). INF BLAM.

Craxxxsoft - Up 3Dayz Adderall & Red Bull (​(​Neuport ReDose 30mg​)​)

Wetness. Out now on #∞☯Post - Religion☯∞# is thee [​[​[​[​[​[​[​C H O R I z O ep​]​]​]​]​]​]​] from that zaggin Neuport. I have blammed all 4 ov the trackz on it cos it was so necessary. I believe this refix for Craxxxmurf was my 1st tho. ∞ BLAM.

Crackсмурф- Smurf Anthem

Craxxxsmurf back. Wiv anuva Smurf’d out anthem. This time zaggin went for hardstyle martial slapz. Feeeeeeeeeling it. Riding through my skinhead raver zone with the roof off, draped inna bomber jacket and urban camos, high off smurfberries and the blood ov destroyed villages. INF BLAM.

CRXMRF - Pointer

My zaggin Craxxxmurf is thee troof. Juke + Hardstyle = Jukestyle? OKAY THEN. MAYHEM4EVER. INF BLAM.


So many choons, so likkle time. So lemme rinse out for thee ones getting heavy rotation in Blambodia. Craxxxmurf is a mufuggin savage. On my seed and my unborns, Ima meet blood sometime this year and bless thee sky wiv gunshot. #MAYHEM4EVER ∞ BLAM

Craxxxmurf - Napo

Scorching through my zone is this latest ting from Craxxxmurf. You gotta put on your body armor for this one. MAYHEM4EVER. INF BLAM.

Craxxxmurf - R.I.P.

Gotta lick a shot for thee homie and his dearly departure mixxx out now on DIS Magazine. Hooligan rude tek for dat azz. R.I.P CRAXXXMURF, you gave Blambodia bare tuneage. MAYHEM4EVER. Infinite B L A M.

Drippin x STRICT FACE - Buss MI Gunz (Craxxxmurf remix)

My dood might have deaded his Craxxxmurf persona but there were bound to be choons coming out in thee aftershock. This one from STRICT FACE and Drippin got treated by man dem. Out soon on Soukouch Ethnik. 2012 cyber rude boy bidness. Inf Blam.


DJ HOODCORE showing praise too thee late gr8 and artistically deceased CRAXXXMURF. Pouring out some smurf joose for yuh homie. INF BLAM.

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