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Sifaka Kong does not skimp when it comes to chopping. This is maximalist, pressurized chop excellency. My favorite ting he does is taking real orchestral and or choir pieces and shredding them, re contextualizing them into, well this…

tender ft. The Members of Seo-Do Traditional Songs Institute and Korean National Classical Orchestra by o . o துஈசிதிசி திஇல்டூ

Fir Day Of Skoo


The homie Delliot made this wet, slowed and throwed edit of the Soulja Boy tune. He also URL/IRL introduced me to new artists like Jokers In Trousers (I haven’t blammed dem yet, hmmm…) and shxt. Yr 2 wet D. Someone towel this dude off. 2 BLAMZ.

New Suede - Ghost Bros (Delliot C&S)


You a fooool 4 dis one my neezy! Delliot went off and slowed and throwed the summer phun New Suede choon Ghost Bros. Love you dooder. Love yall Team Bear Club. Honeydew me n u. 2 Blamz.

TryllDyll slows n throws audiovisuals bttr than na’an nudda. Fat Pimp hit him up on the super duper approved tip for this one. Now that, is zwvg. B X 2.

BAM - A Rough Niggas Bible (Screwed & Chopped by Pollie Pop)

Pollie Pop you did thaaaat. Bam’s A Rough Z’aggin Bible dropped when I was going thru some thangz and I will alwayz bang that SPC. 2 blamz.

GREYSIN - Dont Trust Me Chopped and Screwed- (By RealBSE)

GREYSIN is zwvgged up, confusing folks with dark side (yet so Based) material ‘longside fellow Evil Pretty Boy Cloud 10. And RealBSE makes srsly wet C&S and has a full grasp on everything Based. Double threat. Grab this Based Industry mixtape and check out the frontline of indie based swag. I love this movement. Back it 100%. 2 blamz.

MTV RiFF RAFF - Body Bag Full Of Swag (C&S) By Dj TryllDyll

TryllDyll is a beast. Riff Raff has bttr barz then you’ll ever write (srsly). Combo. And bless Based Pharoah for also posting (just) Riff Raff’s verse in this song. Wavelengthin bredren. Stripped it down to the raw. 2 blamz.



The OG gave us that H-Town stamp of approval.

2 wet. 2 blamz.

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Screwed UP Click - 1 Night 4 SCREW (Chopped & Screwed - DillA 2011 Blend)

European Screwheads label boss, DillA putting it down for their mixtape Swang To Tha East (DL it below). Wet. Pop them foreign trunks my Euro zaggin. SUC4LIFE. 2 blamz

FANG - Palia Durpam Pusha (DillA Mix)

Go get this mixtape (off Datpiff) yaheard? European Screwheads are showing you that Robert Earl Davis lives on forever and all across the world people like to swang down slow. And it’s almost all European rap C&S’d on this mix like this. Primal euro S.L.A.B. Infinite Blam.

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NOIR FLUO - Le Produit (Menaced & Chopped)

DJ Menace & DillA da Frederic Choppin of the European Screwheads teamed up to slow and throw this buck French rap from NOIR FLUO members. It is pure primal. I wish I was tippin slow on the other side of the road. Get me? This is also off thee all Euro Screw mixtape Swang To Tha East. RIPSCREW. Blam. Blam.

The Dream - Long Gone (chopped and screwed by Party Trash)

Zaaaaaaaaaaang. Party Trash swang this down. Blambodian speakers are slapping this trill heavy. Infinite BLAMZ.

Stash Marina - Flockin and Boxin (chopped and screwed by BLOWN)

And already stoopid wet choon gets wetter by being thoooooed. 2 BLAMZ.

1-900 spice/Dumpin Em In Ditches/Jealous Got Me Strapped FT 2 Pac (snc) by DJ Rayblac

Purple Tape Recordz bawse DJ Rayblac thoooooed these 3 Spiggety Spice 1 classics. Bang em and memory lane stroll wiv me. Blam. Blam.

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