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Black Sheep - Metric (Stereobots Remix)

Nope, it’s baaaaaaaaad. Chicago’s own Stereobots attacked the Metric tune ‘Black Sheep’ and I am digging it right now. The photo has no relation to the tune but it’s a damn funny flick and that’s how I roll foo.

Black Sheep-Metric/The Clash at Demonhead(Stereobots Remix) by Double Oh Pimo


Ch-choppin’ up that paper (with you) I do…. You got me in love…

Legendary footwork. Heat Squad.

Do Or Die - 3 Am


Drexciya - Hydro Theory (Phillip D Kick footwork edit)

One of the all time O.G.’s of afro futuristic vibes, Drexciya built a hella wavey (literally) Oceanic mythos around himself. On some Black Atlantean shxt, a whole race of underwater dwellers born from slave women cast into the sea after being found unusable. Babies are suspended in liquid anyways so why not come out breathing pure Atlantic? Releasing a slew of Drexciyan warrior/water based Detroit Techno with the infamous Underground Resistance crew I couldn’t get enuff of it back in the good ol’ raver days.

And then along comes jukeamaniac Philip D Kick with this wet footwork edit. Detroit and Chicago crossover/Tidal strength wetness. I can feel my gills opening. Time for Atlantis to rise from the depths. Destroy all humans! B L A M B L A M.

Drexciya - Hydro Theory (Phillip D Kick footwork edit) by Phillip D Kick

Kid Nico - Summer Bachata

Kid Nico stays on Chi Town mode. From House and Juke to Latin dance vibes he is a true son of the Second City. This Bachata minimixxx is wet. Blam. Blam.

YC - Racks ( Quality Remix )


Racks on Racks on Racks! Chi Town homie Quality on that B’more club shiz. WET. Leggggggggo! 2 Blamz.

On my okkvlt BS

(Kxrt Thomas is that ni666a)

On my okkvlt BS

(Kxrt Thomas is that ni666a)

(Source: )

Cocky Balboa Mini Mix

Detroit based Cocky Balboa has made my nite wiv this one. Sheeeeit. 20 mins of serious juke and jit juntz. I wanna get up on a bopper and juke dat hoe right now. Wetter than a big bitch booty crease. ZWVG. 2 BLAMZ.


DJ Hilti - Mix-House 1980&90


Hilti from the France based, booty juking monster crew, B Yrslf Division has whipped up this extra wet, super tight, throwback House set. 89-90 was tha era. DJ International and Trax Records in Chicago, the Madchester scene, Acid House. So many memories on this mixxx. DL this n RAVE ON! Blam X 2.

M. Doc - Are U Wid it
Frankie Knuckles. feat Roberta Gilliam - Workout
Taylor Dayne - Tell it to My Heart
The Blow Monkeys - This Is Your Life
Summer Madness - Love is in The Air
Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body
T-Cut-F - House Reaction
Steve Silk Hurley. feat M. Doc - Work it Out
Char Voni - Always There
Cathy Dennis - You Lied to Me
Farley Jackmaster Funk. feat Darryl Pandy - Love Can’t Turn Around.

RIPower Darryl Pandy.


DJ T-Why - Crack On Feet

Second City Underground(the homies) rep DJ T-Why is slanging futuristic footwork fi dat azz. Go to his soundcloud and DL this whole Digital Junkie release. 2 blamz.

DJ Roc - Duel Of The Fates

Easily one of my flavorite releases in 2011. Crack Capone has that bang. Out on Booty Call right now. Juke hard bredren. 2 blamz.

Mic Terror - Stupid High

"There will forever ever be establishment. And forever there will be rebels who ain’t having it." - Mic Terror

Truth. I see my zaggin still getting it in with a combination of fuck you and food for thought. If you didn’t bang his Terrordome mixtapes, in particular the rowdy track Juke Them Hoes awhile back you losing cool points breh. HIOOOOO! 2 blamz.

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