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DJ Tone - Kevin Hart theme


Kevin hart theme - dj tone by THE REAL DJ TONE

Dj Fade (lOVE tHEM gUN sOUNDZ)

I got Blam Blam Fever IRL 2.


Dj Jayhood & Dj Joker - Hands On Ya Hips

WET. WET. FVCKING WET. I love my peoples. Summerz here and hood dances will never die. Legggo!

DJ Tameil - Rude boy giddy up

This DJ Tameil remix is old but it has no dust on it cos it’s still wet as fvck. Blambodian Rude Boy approved. It’s out now on his Tek 9 EP through Moveltraxx. Blam + Blam.

Tokyo Ft. DJSwiggs - Come Ride This Thing

I didn’t think I’d dig this with the autotune intro (Finn the Human is the only kid who sounds good auto-tuned). Oh but then… when that bedspring squeaking kicks in it’s ova, I’m swangin’ and when the drips come in I’m off somewhere on the dance floor getting my own sexy walk on. WET. Jersey kids are having good fun right now. Blam. Blam.

Dj K Millz - Boomerang Booty (Ft. Mike Hardy)

Primal club slapz. Dribble dat, swang dat bb. Left. Left. Left. Right. Right. Ho! 2 blamz.

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