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CaSh Flow - Get mad

Mons, Belgium based man dem CaSh Flow is all over the place on this track. In a good way. French vocal-ed Funk Carioca from Belgium (A 1st)? That infectious ‘why-yii-yii’?? Even the near crunk core breakdown at the end is acceptable. This is truly mad. Blam. Blam.

Xtra 2 Blamz for Djub for thee find.

Primal!1/2 of Brussells, Belgium based duo Tupolev Sound Crash, DJ Leblanc threw together a tight mix of new and rare Shangaan Electro. Get a taste of great South African vibes from the Limpopo province. Future-primitive at it’s finest. Blam. Blam.

1. suduwell heleketa xixevo / Boti ready & Vatanyuma sisters
2. mixo munhandziwa / Nandzihisa ft Boti Ready
3. A Ku Swee Ebyalweni / Thomas Chauke
4. Muhisi Wa Ritshwa / Thomas Chauke
5. sanghoma / Snombhelani sisters
6. ava hlahluveli / Snombhelani sisters
7. ha mi navela / Snombhelani sisters
8. money maker / Nandzihisa ft Boti Ready
9. mbawula / Tshe tsha boys
10. vadyi va mali / Mayimele sisters
11. xiphongo / Mayimele sisters
12. waka-waka / Boti ready & Vatanyuma sisters
13. qolo / Tshe tsha boys


I hope Belgium based trio STORY OFF keep making dark wave junts like this one. Feeeeeeeling them mortician vox. B X 2 

Overnoiz - Fucking Hostile

Old time bad. Belgium’s Overnoiz throwing down pure broootal Terror/Speedcore murderation. Thoroughly enjoying this when I lift weights. Bulking up hardcore to this. 2 BLAMZ.

1.Razor edge : Death row
2.Partyraiser & Scrapeface : Serial killah
3.Delta 9 : No more regrets ( The wishmaster remix )
4.Bartoch : Fuck XTC
5.The speedfreak : We reload to kill ( Reloaded by Stormtrooper )
6.Headbanger : Baddest motherfucker
7.Satronica : Kill it
8.Tymon : Desolation
9.The outside agency : Waste management
10.Lowroller : Tormented VIP
11.Bartoch : Stupid people
12.Negative A feat. J-roon & Kosmix : Trash talking
13.I:gor : Rollin’
14.Enzyme X : Dreadlock
15.Igneon system vs. Homeboy : Respect the strength
16.Drokz : Shotta
17.Stormtrooper : MC cut
18.AK-Industry : There is no god
19.Headbanger : Severed heads
20.Paul Elstak vs. Partyraiser feat. Firestone : I don’t care ( gezellige mix )
21.Noisekick : Stand back
22.Twilight & Hodemar : I like da boom
23.SRB : Call the cops
24.Noisekick : I am the devil
25.Bonehead : Love song
26.Sonic overkill : Enter-hell
27.The berzerker : Follow me

Juke Ellington -The Juke Steps out -The Return v.1 

Thee homie, Belgium man dem Juke Ellington wiv anuva tight junt. Digging them vocal bytes. Blambodia is bangin to this tech noir footwork. B x 2.

Sylphides - Moon November

Wet. Belgium based Sylphides has me walking slowly on a dark and damp goat trail deep in Blambodia. B x 2.

Nah Like - Blessed

NO I’M NOT LUCKY I’M BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED. Get Closer, the latest EP from Nah Like is out now on Soukouch Ethnik. INF BLAM.



Juke Ellington - 6 minutes Of Ghetto

Primal. My Belgium based zaggin Juke Ellington threw down a mega mini ghetto set. Yeen up on this shyt right chea. INF BLAM.

The Heart Gently Weeps (Tigorilla & Cid Ikarus Remix)
shake ya tail (supa remix)- dj frosty (produced by dj_jayhood & dj tameil)
Kaptain Cadillac - Bullshit and Gangstashit
Dookz - fukdat 808 
CRZKNY- Death Slave, MITEGUY Proof

Semaho - Stereokaptain Mightyluxe

Pure stanky booty n fidget house for da ass. My zaggin Mic Terror's classic Juke dem hoes on this mixxx. Belgium man dem Semaho, YUH LARGE. INF BLAM.

Kelis - Milkshake (Mightyfools remix)
StereoHeroes & Mic Terror - Juke dem hoes
Dillon Francis - Fiyah
LMFAO - Partyrock (Say Wut remix)
Shadow Loowee & Dave Luxe - Katsumi
Top Billin - Playboy anthem (Rico Tubbs remix)
DJ Fresh & Sian Evans - Louder (Hervé remix)
Dem Franchize Boys - White tee (Coma remix)
Juicy J - Get to meet a G (DJ Kesmo remix)
Kaptain Cadillac - Ghetto zoo
Shadow Loowee & Dave Luxe - Ondule ton corps
Juicy J & Project Pat - Twerk (Dave Luxe remix)
Juicy J - Yao Ming (Kaptain Cadillac remix)

Woodkid - Iron ( Juke Ellington Bass Remix)

Okay den Juke Ellington, you did dat. I love thee urgency added to this (still) big medieval France futuristic choon from Woodkid. Infinite BLAM.


Turn up this Zone Θv Nothing choon and relax. You can’t fight thee future. It has seamlessly arrived. ∞ BLAM

ZΘN - Relax

ZΘN dips into thee cyber mantra zone. Off thee forthcoming Incantation VI comp on Pale Noir. This artwork is so serious. Blam x II.

Cute Heels - Metal Disco V .

Brussels res Cute Heels created this sleek android dancer. Off thee upcoming Future Facts EP out August 17th via Black Leather Records. Blam x II.

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