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Brenmar - Taking It Down

Summer is looking exxxtra phresh with all these rad jamz coming out rite now. Hella tite. Brenmar, you gotta hip me to where this barbershop is. What customer service. LOLZ

This NIKE 7UP 33:33 mix is dummmmmmb wet. Stoopid soaked. Stream it over at all we ever wanted (was everything) and download it not now but right now. 2 Blamz.

This NIKE 7UP 33:33 mix is dummmmmmb wet. Stoopid soaked. Stream it over at all we ever wanted (was everything) and download it not now but right now. 2 Blamz.

Trap R Die. So wet. So hot. Hot lava. 2 big azz blamz.

Kingdom - If You Buck

Been banging this new Kingdom slap since I snatched it up. Need me a good 2 go grrl 2 practice her hip roll 2 this wetness. Blam X 2.

Psychodrama - Uh Huh

Can you tell I’m memory laning? Midwest shit bro. Whaddup Joe? What’s good moe? What it is Folks? Infinite BLAM.

The Legendary Traxster - 'Spooky' Feat. Dawreck & Skooda Chose

The Legendary Traxster is one of my favorite producers of all time (And SO slept on). Maybe it’s cos I grew up banging and with bangers. Both West Coast and Midwest. You can’t help but twist fingers to Traxster’s hi-hat assault trackz. No matter which way yo break your hat or if yr a newtron (like I am now) joe. Infinite BLAM.

W0lcnum - It will never be

Aural Sects members ride on lunar paneled vehicles through these Blambodian jungles casting spells quite frequently. I’m not in thee least bit surprised UK based goth W0lcnum was recruited for a release. This junt bangs (gun pun 100% intended). Blam. Blam.

Vanity Jukebox Vol. 9: EMBERS Mixed by NiRE

Wettttt. NYC gal dem NiRE hooked up Wearevane with this global ghetto club slapping mixxx. T2’s Heartbroken in this ting tho?? ILY gurl. Blam. Blam.

“Crushed Velvet” - Udachi ft. Nani Castle
“Find Your Way” - Superisk (Mensah remix) x “Yankin” - Lady
“Find Your Way” - Superisk Mensah remix x “Wegue Wegue” Buraka Som Sistema
“Wegue Wegue” Buraka Som Sistema x “Shottas” - Munchi (NguzuNguzu remix)
“Shottas” - Munchi (NguzuNguzu remix) x “Heartbroken” - T2
“Heartbroken” - T2 x “Angolan Kung Fu” - Makongo (Dubbel Dutch remix)
“True Love Fantasy” - Unicorn Kid
“Lift Off” - Araabmuzik
“212” - Azealia Banks
“Plains” - Magick Mountain (Physical Therapy Praise Mix)
“Call Back I’m Busy (demo)” - Nire
“Leader of the Pack - Mapei x “Warn-U” Ayshay (NguzuNguzu remix)

GODLINK - Repent Ha

This super wet junt from Ontario, Canada resident GODLINK provided me with the perfect moment to blam this cult classic, politically incorrect scene in yr face. This is a Permanent Autonomous Zone ov shock, exploitation and depravity. /Exits with gunshots and a big African laugh. INFINITE BLAM

FireSquad - We Out Here

Hot lava wet. I’m really out here blood, beasting. Blam. Blam.

Friendzone - Adore

Hella hi hats, a likkle Asian string arrangement and them soundbites? Friendzone you did thaaat. INF-BLAM.


Everyday is Halloween! #BANGBANG. CHIEF KEEF on dat drillinois goon shyt. BLAM. BLAM.

C¥BERGIGA - Narshe

C¥BERGIGA got thee gamer slapz. ∞ BLAM

FreshGalaxy x Zachg - 56

What’s it gonnabe, is this ZacgG and FreshGalaxy Ep slapping in Blambodia, eternally. This is beasty. Go get dat COOL COOL SUMMER. RAD REEF RULES. INFINITE BLAM.

TR££B£∆RD - Like Tears In The Rain (He Vanished)

Mi gunz bust fi TR££B£∆RD and this stompy beast off his latest release, thee RAINDRONE LP. ∞ BLAM

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