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(the aGitator) - XII-XIII

Five bones gets you thee new (aGitator) album, XV (commotion) out now on Baku Shad-Do. Fifteen roman numbered noisy drone acidic sludge adventures made by aforementioned aGitator aka Dafydd McKaharay(aka Nattymari). Proud father, antagonist, true Screwhead, personal friend ov mines and so much moar. One ov thee very reasons I am sitting here blamming right now. Support this underground beast. ∞ BLAM

I†† - bru†ali†y

With this new ep out now on Baku Shad-do, thee duo I†† flexes new muscles. This one is a mechanized and whirring dubplate with diamond dust edge. Just four bones and it’s yours. Inf blam.

Dark Mother - Go Away

Dark Mother have released their debut ep Anda on Baku Shad-do. Get it for 3 bones and drift off into into thee Blambodian fog. ∞ BLAM.

If you haven’t, get familiar with thee Little Rock, Arkansas street based survivor Pepperboy. His latest, Post Traumatic Stress is out now via Baku Shad Do. INF BLAM.

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