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Be The One (new!!!!) by BRENMAR Brenmar is HVRD.

Oh shiiiiiit. Brenmar dropped a mix for Fader. It’s wet as fvck. BANGING IT!

Brenmar, Gold Bricks FADER Mix by The FADER

Brenmar - Taking It Down

Summer is looking exxxtra phresh with all these rad jamz coming out rite now. Hella tite. Brenmar, you gotta hip me to where this barbershop is. What customer service. LOLZ

I’m so high that I need some shade!

Super geeked for the Brenmar EP coming out June 20th on Grizzly. Hella club slapz.

And then there’s this Dubbel Dutch remix that will also be in the EP. Pwhoooosh.

Brenmar live in Amsterdam

Euch. Brenmar released his Let Me Know EP today on Grizzly and this remix for the Rogerseventytwo (half of TWR72) You Take Me Higher EP out now on Fool’s Gold. Catch me spazzing out on the dance floor at the 1:42 mark when this choon is dropped. Too much pressure, the pipes done busted. Brenmar soaked everyting. Get, bang, all of this. Blam! Blam!

Nuh long ting. New super wet Brenmar choon out July 25th on Enchufada for Hard Ass Sessions Volume #6. 2 blamz.

Ralphi Rosario - You Used 2 Hold Me (Brenmar Remix) snippet

Follow Brenmar on Twitter so I can get my handz on this super wet remix of Ralphi Rosario’s old time house anthem You Used 2 Hold Me. He hitz 3000 followers and it’s a free DL. It’s looking like I’ll have this junt by 2nite. 2blamz.

J-WOW - 2011 Hard Ass Mix

J Wow made a mix of all the tracks on Hard Ass Sessions VI out now on Enchufada. Just look at them tracks. Wet, wet, wet . If you can’t go savage and skank to this then you can’t even leave the runway in Blambodia. Now dance. BLAM! Dance! BLAM!.

Nic sarno - Mana Wasa
Savage skulls and french fries - Marawa
Brenmar - Waiting on
Poirier - Vivendo Juntos
Kry wolf - Picadinho di Pedalina
Mele - Kanopa Riddim
Pacheko e pocz - Tuki Love / Marfox - Hard Ass Sessions Theme
Dubbel Dutch - Dead Pool / Bok Bok - Dance Report (trigzo bootleg)
Schlachthofbronx - Backup Run
Wildlife - Metazoa
Kingdom - Stadium Pass

Brussels, Belgium based duo Nah Like come correct with their 1st mixxxtape. Fulla some of thee wettest club slapz in 2011. 2 blamz.

Wiz Khalifa-Youngin On His Grind (Bosstone Remix)
Cedaa - Nippon (Myrryrs Remix)
Lucid - Lovely In Love (Richelle Remix)
Nah Like - Bullet Proof
Wheez-ie - Got Gutter ( Sines Drankhead Bounce Mix)
KNC - Gone
Nguzunguzu - Timesup
S-X vs Ramadan Man - Woo Glut
A1Bassline - Falsehood
Femme En Fourrure - Bronco (Nguzunguzu Remix)
DJ Hilti - Pimp So Good (DJ ROC The Crack Capone Remix)
Africa Hitech - Out In The Streets
Philthkids - Mo Fiyah
Brenmar - So High (Distal Remix)
Prince Jean - Puma’s Hunt (Bosstone Remix)
Drake-Find Your Love (Kovu Remix)
Night Drugs-My World (CDBL remix)
Deadboy-wish U Were Here

I’d host this but eh. It is all right here for you to get a grasp on. Quality Mexican crew #401 just dropped the 3rd World Bootlegs minimix this week (Curated by my man dem Lao) and here is the sampler fi you to have a proper taste. It covers all the bases to satisfy them real deal primal barrio urges. I was locked on when I saw thee Shy Fx cumbia refix. Nuh long ting. Peep the sick tracklist below, then download this if you want to hear puro class Latin American producers going off on choice tunes. The download provides you with the mix in it’s entirety. It is wet, I guarantee this. Heavy spin in Blambodia today. Blam. Blam.

Shy Fx – Original Nuttah (Ezekiel cumbiaton edit)
M83 – Midnight City (Elebleu Bootleg)
Teki Latex – I Was Sober (Trigzo Moombah* bootleg)
TLC – Silly Hoe (ZUTZUT Refix)
Brenmar – Paper Running (Panchitron Bajo Guarachero Edit)
Munchi – Metele Bellaco (Trigzo Rompiendo la Ley Rework)
Girl Unit – Wut (Lao Refix)
Kingdom – Fogs (Panchitron Bajo Guarachero Edit)
Ludacris ft- Nicky Minaj – My Chick Bad (Trigzo 3ball Refix)
Satyricon – Dark Medieval Times (Ezekiel Spliff break Edit)
Orbital – Halcyon (Lao Refix)

Brenmar - Let’s Pretend

New ting from Brenmar out soon on Hum & Buzz. Feeeeling the garridg tempo of this futuristic club banga. Blam. Blam.

Brenmar - Let Me Hit Dat

Soaked. Brenmar knows how to keep tha stank in this futuristic club scene. Blam. Blam.

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