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Matthewdavid - Desert Moon

Usher - Appetite (Kingdom Edit) by kkingdomm

Speechless. Blam Blam.

Use this before treading in any further. I am a man possessed by B ▲S S

Meat Beat Manifesto - Penultimate Bass Test


Kingdom - Fogs

Oh shiiiiiit. Brenmar dropped a mix for Fader. It’s wet as fvck. BANGING IT!

Brenmar, Gold Bricks FADER Mix by The FADER

T E A M S made a rad mix for Forty Ounce Clothing and it’s a banger. Chocked full of afrofuturistic wavey swaggin’. Gwan download this. Do it. Now. Do it now by clicking H E R E


There is no future. The future is now. Zak Matic has all the cyberpunk clvb bangerz you need to get through these post apocalyptic times. Now shut up, let’s go. Watch out fi zombies. Trap or die and rave HVRD.


Diamond Black Hearted Boy - FUCK CARE

Fuck a genre. Fuck a rep. Fuck a scene. Fuck Care.

GLASS POPCORN - Ordinary Pop Star

Glass Popcorn is a dude with some seriously dope innovative music. I don’t need to mention his age cos it doesn’t matter now does it? Nor do we need to get to talking about what genre would you call this cos you should know by now that doesn’t matter to me either. Turn up this mix, zone out to his madness and put yr swag face on. It’s a straight up industrial strength pressure cooker filled with mutilated pop tunes, hood shxt and drag monstrosities. HXRD X$ FXCK. Get familiar, chew on some Glass Popcorn. /3L4/\/\ /3L4/\/\!!!

ORDINARY POP STAR - DIS MIX by glass popcorn

Sunset bass worship

Sunset bass worship

Sabbo - Come To Me

Another wet one. This Eastern flavored bass junt comes from Tel Aviv reppin’ Sabbo for the High Chai Recordings release SUBcontinentalBASS. Boomin’.

Come to Me (from:dimmsummer presents: SUBcontinentalBASS) by Sabbo

SABBO + Facebook + Soundcloud + Twitter

High Chai Recordings + Website + Facebook + Soundcloud + Twitter

Glover Junior - Doo Doo Brown

This is so rad. Tracy Glover aka Glover Junior’s kllr azz revisioning of Luke’s I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown) with a video clip of dem funny face making South African Kwaito kids. Perfection.

Glover Junior + Tumblr + Facebook + Soundcloud + Twitter


LOL Boys LDR EP drops on May 24th. Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcited.

LDR by LOL Boys

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