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Another young lyricist from the SFC. Not surprised at all. The Bay breeds bar spitters. If you dig the ambitious and thorough, download Nate the Great’s new mixtape Starting Over right here

J.K. The Rapper - Igloo

One of my new favs. J.K. The Rapper has serious wind. Dig this doodz whole camp, Fuck A Name aka #FANG ϟϟ. Get em phamileee. 2 blamz.

Atmosphere - They’re All Gonna Laught @ You

Oddly enough, I’m happy I ain’t famous. Imagine waking up to the fact that you’re simply entertainment." *Slug voice* Infinite Blam

Noah23 & Krem- Darkside of the Moon feat. Sole

Noah23, Krem and Sole tossing verbal projectiles at living dartboards out in deep space. No oxygen, pure gas. 2 blamz.


Detroit still getting it with the likes of Dopehead. Bless all the hungry rappers out there fed up with all of that sing-song garrrrrbage but especially big up my Midwest/Medieval emcees. Blam. Blam.

Audra Tha Rapper - Beautiful Dreamer

Really dig this fly grrl. Bright future. Wish she didn’t sign so quickly to Maybach Music but get that paper woman. Blam. Blam.

Jimmy Astro – The Grim Reaper

Memphis based Jimmy Astro all up in Hypetrak? Okay homie. Get em! 2 Blams.

Gorgeous whores approach me on some happily ever after shit.

Gorgeous whores approach me on some happily ever after shit.

Mich∆el Myerz - How I Got My Shrunken Head

I was wondering what Mich∆el Myerz looked like. Problem solved. Dood kilt it with his Nightmare from the 90’s release. At a very obtuse angle. 2 BLAM.

Salomon Faye - Ghost Writer

1/2 of ASAP ILLUSION, man dem Salomon Faye has bars. 2 BLAMZ

NФΔH 23- ₦Ф §v♍♍€Я {oOoOO}

Bars blood, bars. NФΔH 23 is wet like a knife post stabbing. Blam. Blam.

Jc- Paul Rudd Freestyle

Cmonnnnnnnnnnnn. JC is slept on. You will hear moar from this Bay area based dood. Blam. Blam.

Speak! + Michael Uzowuru - Promised Land

Speak! and Michael Uzowuru splash all over this mid- 90’s Hieroglyphics sounding ass wavy ass beat. Blam. Blam.

Dopehead - Sharks n Fish Tanks

Dopehead has that hella Midwest, ain’t got shit so I’ma take it, real grimy, nothing to lose, straight from the D flow. Anuva mic killer from the Bruiser Brigade (Danny Brown is a member too) B x 2


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