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The S.L.O. - “Purple Onion”

New super group from Huntsville, Alabama. Real talk, my Pops just got back in Ohio hours ago from seeing our fam in Eutaw, Alabama (Tuscaloosa area). That’s where my Black fam is from (Other side Cebu, Phillippines foo!). Bama blood in me something serious. This song is stoopid soaked on it’s own strength though. 2 big blamz.

G-Side - How Far (feat. Victoria Tate & Kaylan Parham)

Ah, this viddy is beautiful. This tune is wet. It’s real nice to see real go getters like G Side doing shows all across the world, getting guap in different currencies and putting out super phresh content. It’s so motivational. 2011 mang. You can really get it if you just believe in yourself. 2 big blamz.

SORTAHUMAN ft. Dizzy D & Shady Blaze - NEVER GON’ LAND

Gas. Bama based SORTAHUMAN gassin hard with pure diesel assistance from Dizzy D and Shady Blaze. Stoner Gang/Green Ova takeova 2011. 2 blamz.


So wet. Thee homie Matt Solley aka Supa, 1/3rd of Alabama based trill trio SortaHuman has been putting in work lately. Like this drip off his upcoming solo mixtape. Oh and that is a BLOWN beat he is swangin on. Pay attention. Infinite BLAM.

Dizzy D - Cheese Macaroni feat Sortahuman

This is hell wet. Dizzy D and SortaHuman slanging Southern fried munchies all around tha cafeteria. FOOD FIGHT! Blam. Blam.

Sortahuman - Other Trash

DIY 4 life. I love thee internets. I’m meeting trill ass artists with no desire to go the corporate suits and lies route. #NONEEDTOSIGN2011. SortaHuman are nxt lvl hella wet lava spitters from Huntsville, Alabama and I fvckz wiv em 100%. If yeen familiar take a dose of this Lysergic Bliss mixtape, get trippy and watch this trio rise like rockets. Infinite BLAM.

Supa ft. Joeybagadoughnuts - Waitin’

This song knockz. Cold Casey your beats are tha troof. Supa and Joeybagadoughnuts glide and float all over this splasher. Blam. Blam.

JoeyBagaDoughnuts - The End

Thee homie JoeyBagaDoughnuts from the SortaHuman camp threw down Revival, 8 wet instrumentals that all got me jooking through the jungle like FTW. INF BLAM.

Denzel Aquarius’Killa CuRRy - PLANET SHROOMS

Awwwready. Denzel Aquarius’Killa CuRRy , Yung Simmie and thee homie Supa ov Sortahuman went off on this junt. Off thee King Of The Mischievous South Vol 1 Underground Tape 1996. STONERGANG. RVIDXRKLVN. INF BLAM.

Zilla Shit 2 | 'Life As I Know It' Mixtape Trailer from Shedrick Pelt (sdotpdot designs) on Vimeo.

Ready for this new Zilla tape to drop. I ride for the Slow Motion Soundz/O’Third/Block Beattaz camp hella hard. Simply put, Alabama is where my family originated and zaggin down there get overlooked. So overlooked that they snap on a whole ‘nother lvl. (whuddup G Side? Whuddup SortaHuman?) Download this junt ‘Consistency' below off Zilla Shit 2 “Life As I Know It” and peep game. Big up SdotPdot for the visuals. ∞ BLAM

Sortahuman x Dizzy D - I Like prod by Joeybagadonutz

They hate, but I like. My Huntsville, Alabama zaggin, thee trio that makes up SortaHuman and solo artist Dizzy D be snapping in all directions like a fragging chaosphere. Animal House is their full length collab album (with a slew ov solid features and producers), name your price and get it. Love my fam. Infinite Blam.

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