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Firal Coral - Horsey Horsey

Loving this drippy, animalistic pressure from Fire Coral. Off his [as yet untitled] EP coming out on the virgin, young and hungry okkvlt label, Aural Sects. My phamilee. Get used to getting drenched in Aural Sects wetness. Blam X 2.

Texture - SigilKids

Texture comes swangin’ and swa666in’ with dark and dutty instrumental vibes out the gate. The first album release on the brand spanking new okkvlt label Aural Sects. WATCH. THIS. COLLECTIVE. Infinite B L A M Z.


Euch. This is super wet I AM WATER workz but with a gelatin like feel. Like Minaj azz. Crazy, dutty & delicious. Primal even. In the witch house arena it’s old hat but when pop mutilation is done outside of the slow lane and given some hurry up the baser nature moves to the new and askew riddim (Mines does at least). The dance floor is similar to life in that in yr own way ya need to get live and out swag the nxt man dem. Alpha shxt. The braggadocio being dragged around across the eardrums ‘longside this new club beat only urge originality. Subliminally. Come correct or beat it punk. Aural Sects is that new new. Blam 2 X’s.

cp - smiling faces

Witchy smmr teef phun wiv this Aural Sects release. Cp flingin dark joose all around on this 2 track self titled release. It’s free but ya know how it goes, Aural Sects is sometimes hard to come by (Heh) so get it nowwww. 2 blamz.

spf5Ø - Funquist

spf5Ø on mega wavy tropicult junt mode. Can’t you feel the URL breeze being pushed in on all those wet synth waves? The pixelated sand between yr toes? The cool glass of tropical drank in yr hand.? Good, good, good, [virtual reality] vibrations. Aural Sects is so liquid. So wet. 2 blamz.


HEXXXCLUSIVE! New Aural Sects! I AM WATER ft. okkvlt rapper S∆CRIVICE! I gotta yell this whole post cos I’m on that annoying mix tape DJ voice over zwvg! This is hexxxtra wet and hellza phresh! Zwv666in’ my z’aggin! 2 BLAMZ!

Rolly - Suicide Kiss (spf5Ø mix)


spf5Ø didn’t have this up long b4 I saw it’s title (and original picture) and locked my sights onnit. Nuh long ting. It’s Suicide Club bro. Cult classic, Sian Sono shxt. SPFitty making a witchy edit of Rolly’s infamous song? I had to Blam this one hexxxtra hard. 2 big azz blamz.

Tropicult. #RARE
Tropicult. #RARE


Love this junt (when the beat drops?!). On e’rythang. S∆CRIVICE has a monotone delivery but isn’t that how level 90 spells are cast? Fvcking black magick. The §PELL ßØØK EP is being released hexxxclusively through my phamilee Aural Sects. 2 big azz blamz.

SOFT RIOT - Your Secret Light Shines at Night (spf5Ø edit)

Aural Sects premier viddy. Woop! Zwv666. B X 2.

Multiple eargasms provided by Aural Sects. Spirit leaving the body. Post physical. Get wet. Blam. Blam.


I AM WATER. AURAL SECTS. Nuh long ting. TRILLBIENT. 2 blamz.

Cp - King of the stars

First track on TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 2nite and it meltz my face off with synthesized vibes. Turns out to be Aural Sects very own ♈cp♈. I be slipping on my own phamilee. Hurry up and tune in with me here. I’m sliding through the chat till it’s over at midnight! 2 blamz.

AURAL SECTS (Nattymari’s Forcible Aural Compilation Mix)

I am led to believe if you say AURAL SECTS 3 X’s you will summon a musical spirit (benign or malevolent depending on your aura at the mo). I also firmly believe Nattymari is the only d00d who can holler w00t through a promo viddy fi di Aural Sects/Dior Nights mixtape. This is one absolutely cyber drenched 2 ruin minimixmindfvck. Witch Made Klikka nikka. Up the A.S! (soundz dutty) ∞ blamz


Haruki Tamesue
ᴛᴀsʜ ᴡɪʟʟᴍᴏʀᴇ

Moar 2 cum. Multiple eargasmz in X amount. AURAL SECTS.

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