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Ugh. Brilliant. H3nry Homesweet is rad AS.

Gary Moore (4 April 1952 – 6 February 2011) R.I.P

CRIME - $nitches (get stitches)

Rowdy ass Machina Muerte repping 8bit punx CRIME (Nathan No Face on the mic and Scumbag Tony manning the Gameboy and Casio cz101) are fvcking killing shit. Reminds me of the mad energy Digital Hardcore had AND the all age Crossover Thrash and Nardcore shows in Socal. Gnar gnar chiptune thrash hard or go home shit. And with songs clocking in around a minute and some change this is spazz out music. Count me in. There’s gotta be insta-mosh pits wherever they gig.

06 - $nitches by CRIMEKILLZ

CRIMEKILLZ knows the deal. Girls in all black do indeed, rule!

04 - girls in black by CRIMEKILLZ

CRIMEKILLZ reps that M A C H I N A M U E R T E.

*Grrl in all black e’rythang is Calla Donofrio foo!

CRIMEKILLZ - Wheres My Works

CRIMEKILLZ are gameboy punx slangin’ audio dope. Sometimes, everyone runs out of their favorite addiction and goes into a frenzy to find more. During that period you proselytize to yrself to change yr wayz, kick the habit and go clean. Ahhh, good ol’ vices.

Wheres My Works by CRIMEKILLZ

*ainthard2tell* [Nas remixed by RADICALEDWARD]

Radical Edward with this Super Nintendo Nasir Jones edit. WET.

Al Pacheco - Nintenton (Bigote Remix)

Granada, Spain based net-label/DJ crew Cabillito is extra phresh wiv thee trill tropical vibes. BIĞØTЄ, 1/2 of the duo (‘longside Grita) 8 bit thee shit outta the graveton, already chippy original from Al Pacheco. Let the tribal games begin. Blam. Blam.

Jc- Paul Rudd Freestyle

Cmonnnnnnnnnnnn. JC is slept on. You will hear moar from this Bay area based dood. Blam. Blam.

Dj CUTMAN - Ghosts n Goblins (Haunted House Mix)

Wicked wet. Dj Cutman got the Capcom classic housing. B x 2.


Self proclaimed ‘8 bit witch’, ATL based goth Seanny Georgie aka NO EYES is on that shyt. This mixxx and his original tracks and refixes all slap. LVL UP PUNX N GET FAMILIAR. INF BLAM.

1Giraffage- Visible
2Story Issac (CRIM3S)-New Flesh
3Perfume- Seventh Heaven (K466 Prog mix)
4Aluna George-You Know You Like It (Lapalux’s Bass Ballad Remix)
5Twin Sister-Kimmi in a rice field (Balam Acab Remix)
6Sonic the Hedgehog 2-Sky Chase Zone (DjCyclops Hip Hop Remix)
7Rick Perry - Gays save Christmas Remix

DJ Deathray - Aurora

Aural Sects is unfvckwittable. New to thee phamilee is DJ Deathray wiv his 9 track release, Neus. Thee 8 bit witch is rising. INF BLAM.


BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD got thee 8 bit witch treatment from NO EYES. But wait, there’s moar! He used footage from thee film Tokyo! Well played, Seanny Georgie, well played. BLAM. BLAM.


That hard shit, that gangbanging out in tha yard shit. - CHIIIRP NUFF SAID. BLAM X 2.


All these glorious game related deaths. Thank you CRIMEKILLZ. INF BLAM.

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