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Arae - Unsighted

Brooklyn residing/repping Arae is flinging dem futuristic garridge vibes nice and proper. Yet retaining all the old tasty bits from old time UKG. Beasty enough to get picked up by UK based label 3RDEYELDN. That is h e a v y to me ya dun know. Big up Area and the whole 3rdeyeldn massive. I back yr movement.

Unsighted by Arae

Skanky - Ghost

Boooooooooooooooooo! (heh) Wheeeel it back selector! Skanky UK anuva from the 3RDEYELDN camp with a nice lil ghostly jamilam. This choon is wet. #ectoplasm

Skanky - Ghost by skanky uk

3rdeyeldn - Imprint Unit 1 

3rdEyeLdn Records just dropped their debut LP Imprint Unit 1 and it is soaked with future garridge anthems. Massively drippy tunes. Peep the sampler and DL it for free H-E-R-E

3rdeyeldn - Imprint Unit 1 (LP) FREE DOWNLOAD by 3rdeyeldn

Integral - your smile

Integral is another artist from the 3rdEyeLdn camp bound to mek serious moves. This tune is lovely.

Arae - Marion Silver

I keep Arae tracks on rotation. Brooklyn future garage ftw. Blam. Blam.

Bondax ft. Dee - Only You Know

Bondax are moving on up with heavy vibes like this. That atmosphere, those beautiful vox (provided by Dee). Wet. Out soon on 3rdeyeldn. 2 blamz.

Palace - Armageddon

Anuva one slangin vibes from the 3rdeyeldn camp. Palace doing a futuristic 2 step on this one. Drippppppppppppppping. 2 (step) blamz.

One of my fav, nah, probably my fav cat in the future garage scene, BK man (thasss right *Jeezy voice*) Arae chops it up with UK label 3rdeyeldn. A Brooklyn dood making real garage music. Get em homie. Nuff said. 2 blamz.

Arae - Noir

So wet. Big city atmospheric on chill vibes. Thee homie, BKLYN rep Arae drops his debut The Longest Night (For FREE) on 3rdeyeldn. The Future of Garage is safe as (Yuh, I did that). INFINITE-BLAM.

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