Yeeeeeeee! You don’t really understand the Bay Area scene unless you have somehow experienced it. It is self sustained. Meaning, it can carry, support and provide for itself. And I fucking love that. Big up allllll my fam up that way and all the artists pushing tings forward. Good looking out Mistah F.A.B for being on some diplomat shxt. Love yall White Girl Mob for going after it. Green Ova. Nate Tha Great. Roach Gigz. Yarrow Slaps. The Jealous Guys. Skoota TrillAzz. DB Tha General. Lil Blood. Lil Rue. J Stalin. Definitely can’t forget about a personal fav and polarizer Lil B the Based God and the whole damn Yay basically yaddddddamean? Infinite Blamz.