Nattymari ( the aGitator ) - inspiration .

OG fam, Nattymari’s latest project the aGitator is all about high tension, pressurized atmosphere. Like listening to dub on mescaline in a compound ov heavily armed nihilistic cult members. Shit isn’t safe or contained by rules ov any sort. Pure Blambodian. Infinite BLAM.

VK & SciFi - Awake
Tara Cross - Hotel Midnite
Brian Aspro - Soft Appearances
JP Decerf & M. Saclays - En V
Rimarimba - Glass Abattoir-End
Egisto Macchi - Voix
Guernica - Doryoko No Hime
Electrobeat no 13
Years on Earth - Lost Letters
Missing Persons (UK) - Electrical Storm
96 Eyes - Crosstalk
Elisa Waut - Russia
M. Zalla - Attvita
Shabazz Palaces - Recollections of the Wraith
Guido and Maurizo d’Angelis - Flying Into Love