Back in Blambodia vibrating its freaky, sentient soil w/ these bass heavy tracks and it is pleased. Ecchi Click 187, HEAVY HAND, NOK from the Future, Gaap-Jinn and more all feature on this nu BLAMEgod album. Name your price here. ∞ BLAM.


Okay who took tha GOTH MONEY RECORDS don marcy mane's lighter?? Help search and juug in Blambodia as he accuses thieves on this F1LTHY beat. ∞ BLAM.


All my witches still weaving audio spells, despite the trendy scene abandonment, bang this nu ≡quilateral release by ₵OЯƔ▼ϩ † ϾOⱤṈƗӼ. The Calgary native delivers an EP of okkvlt magick. JINKBLADE guests. Name price here. ∞ BLAM.

A dark pop aesthetic propels this tune by Caribbean native, Toronto res DeLorean Blvck in for a direct headshot and leaves a large cinematic exit wound. What an appropriate jam for all Zone strivers who live for squeezing the very life out of each and every tech noir night. Extra props for the Aaliyah reference. INF BLAM.

SFC res RVMIRXZ is back on that buck shyt and of course most of SIXSET (DRAGONMANE, AKOZA, CURSED, BAKER nem) guests but also my zaggin SortaHuman, KirbLaGoop and more guest on this 28 track mystical joyride. Every junt (outs to Memphis) is rdy for jookin too, name your price to zone. ∞ BLAM.

OS OVNI - Secret Door

The sweet sci fi sounds of this nu song by the synth duo OS OVNI will do for a long overdue reentry into Blambodia tonight. So fitting for this alt universe. And these visuals by Scott Kiernan from the awesome ESP TV fit just right too. INF BLAM.

When Blambodia found out that BLVCK CEILING refixed BSBD it tilted its eyes away from the brilliance while slowly cutting wheels back and forth in praise. INF BLAM.


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