Wash up on thee wasteland shores ov Blambodia in a derelict ship w/ this tropical electronic release by Fire Coral out now via Ketchup Conundrum. INF BLAM.

Thee pwr duo G∞gle (Sam Hatzaras and Joe Volmer) are back w/ a serious album right here. Production so icy you’ll see your breath while bumping this. I have a feature onnit longside some ov my fav beings making sounds. SortaHuman, FrzE, Spz Chaote, Dirty Pharms, Coyote Clean Up, Top Girls, Stephen Farris, Arrete and CalicoLeaf all guest in rhyme, song and remix form. Own it for 5 bones. INF BLAM.

clipping. - Work Work (Feat. Cocc Pistol Cree)

Charged to get thee CLPPNG LP due June.10th.2014 via Sub Pop. If this dope track by thee Los Angeles duo featuring Cocc Pistol Cree is any proof ov its possible slump potential my preorder isn’t far behind. Now lean and knock this. INF BLAM.

Slutty Boy Yung Gleesh and thee Glory Boyz Ballout and Capo got a massive beat to juug on in this edit by Tommy Kruise. It’s bass line is so mean. INF BLAM.

LAKE R▲DIO, a longtime presence in Blambodia returns w/ a nu EP. Cinematic synth and computerized vox propel it forward. Name price to own here. ∞ BLAM. 

spf5Ø ov thee in(ternet in)famous Aural Sects collective applies high quality, OST synth salve to your wretched audio wounds. Let it heal u feel wise. INF BLAM.

Zone natives are stripped down to their primal form doing weird hood dances to these mega blackened vibes that WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL (produced by that other adv zaggin JAYYEAH) has let me debut here in Blambodia. Off his upcoming album OUTSIDE YR WINDOW out April/22/2014. INF BLAM.

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