Blambodia aint what it used to be (Prole Life Is Nuh Joke) but in some shape or form I’ll keep bringing out thangs that go bump in thee night. Get rdy for my next mixxx, its called AMY GRINDHOUSE and it is a tribute to Gravebabe who was gracious enough to make this vid. It will be an audio speedball ov genre terror. INF BLAM.

Hold up BLACK KRAY. Once again, GOTH MONEY RECORDS main shooter has tha whole zone ghosting and slo mo running in place to dark gems slowly dropped on animal interior beats by JAYYEAH and more. Buy it here. INF BLAM.


SWAG TOOF rlly did their thang on this Dungeon Family rework. Find it and more (features by Kevorkian, Noah 23, WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL, Pepperboy, Bolo Nef and Sole w/ production by SXMPLELIFE, THATS CREEP and Miles Farewell) on their nu album, Harlem’s Adopted Children (Side: A)m. ∞ BLAM.

These beats by Post Traumatic Slave rep Alfie are groove laced and dipped in adv, big city boom bap. My fav track is À Bout De Shuffle for its crazy percussion but each joint is worth playing over and over. Name your price to DL here. INF BLAM.

Nice to hear Nattymari doing audio dirt. I have been outside Blambodia earning for this return to Broken Halo City (Los Angeles) so I haven’t been able to truly Zone out like I used to do but how many ov yall even remember his drag edit videos?? This itchy electric crawler is slithering around in my brain relighting synapses and the title has me cackling. And it is still Witch Made Klikk boy act like u kno. ∞ BLAM.


Outs to Tink from MNS for sampling my ALL TIME fav song. Written for Nina Simone it was this version by Eric Burdon and The Animals that struck me as the realest song ever as a youth. Video directed by Frenchy Flicks. INF BLAM

Duchovny (aka MADDEN) returns after an almost year long hiatus to deliver this nonstop, vodun tech ritual. So approp for this low end, baser nature Zone. ∞ BLAM.

That Goth Mob zaggin Gorgeous Geordie pours out dark flows over murky beats by Guilty † Priest, Blank Banshee and DJ Bloody Sunday and w/ a feature by Shai Mate. Listen close for cult references. Name price to own here. INF BLAM.

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