Slutty Boy Yung Gleesh and thee Glory Boyz Ballout and Capo got a massive beat to juug on in this edit by Tommy Kruise. It’s bass line is so mean. INF BLAM.

LAKE R▲DIO, a longtime presence in Blambodia returns w/ a nu EP. Cinematic synth and computerized vox propel it forward. Name price to own here. ∞ BLAM. 

spf5Ø ov thee in(ternet in)famous Aural Sects collective applies high quality, OST synth salve to your wretched audio wounds. Let it heal u feel wise. INF BLAM.

Zone natives are stripped down to their primal form doing weird hood dances to these mega blackened vibes that WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL (produced by that other adv zaggin JAYYEAH) has let me debut here in Blambodia. Off his upcoming album OUTSIDE YR WINDOW out April/22/2014. INF BLAM.

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Blambodia has always supported s i g n s and for doubleplusgood reason. I mean, put this track in your slo-mo inhaler and vape it. Srsly, u will need to absorb it slowly to truly peep thee levels ov no fuckery in it. Ghetto electronics and okkvlt synth bubbling in a trap house cauldron. Off his upcoming EP #neversleep. INF BLAM.

P3radoxx ov thee MWTM collective trickles gems across this monstrous beat produced by French. Whole zone pulsating w/ its chaotically pure energy. ∞ BLAM.

Take a listen to 30 savory lil instrumental junts by my Tennessee zaggin PARTY TRASH and it is available for 3 bones. Soul samples out tha frame. INF BLAM.

Zaggin out on thee Arthur theme? Okay den ZEHTROID VZN. INF BLAM.

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