NOK from the Future - About The Youth (Smoke and Drive)

  A nu zone is unlocking off this arena big track by NOK from the Future w/ visuals by Opus Eternum. Climb into your vehicle, swang and blaze to this. INF BLAM.


  Our chrome blades are chopping the smoke this ZXNES remix of Fifty Grand emits. Proceed w/ caution upon pressing play for this junt here don’t mess. ∞ BLAM.



  Get on my San Francisco res and freshly anointed, Neutral Death zag Foxxy Newport's freq and peep his album out now via ≡quilateral. It has 5 okkvlt rap incantations and 4 remixes by Corroded Master, †ENEBRÆ, DIRTYCOYOTE, ♚SN▲ILS♚ and Osmosis Tones. Mixed, engineered and executive produced by Mr. Kitty too, witch is gr8. Name your price for it here. ∞ BLAM.


  Even in Blambodia it is summertime. Zone n wine to this nu dancehall chune by Palmistry streaming now via Mixpak while you imagine weaving through traffic in a motorbike cavalcade (you’re really sitting in a semi sketchy holodeck). INF BLAM.



  Warping the The Teddy Bear’s Picnic was no small feat and V▲LH▲LL did it swimmingly on a neo-folk okkvlt tip. And remixes by Wychdoktor, Ceremonial Dagger and M‡яc▲ll▲ + a b-side flesh it out. Name your price here. ∞ BLAM.



  That’s right, get your hakkuh stomp on to another set of adv hardcore from AddMe and I, Blam Lord. Our last b2b mixxx had a Dredd (2013) feel but this one is dedicated to the 1990 film, Hardware (outs to Badman Shark for awready being on that wavelength) so go from near future Mega City 2 goon to killer machine while banging this. Artwork also by AddMe aka Boris Postma. INF BLAM.


  KILBOURNE and SCHWARZ ft. the vox of TT The Artist set the Club on fire w/ this highly flammable track. Be at #AREA69, July 11th if u can Chicagoans. INF BLAM.




  Rappers exist, in an ever fluctuating number as some become and some begin to go. And then their is DYLAN ROSS. This track is an admantium gauntlet thrown on the ground. From the self produced beat’s opening acid synth and breaks to his playful raver MC flow, it is a testament, HOUSE OF DRIP is here to stay. INF BLAM.

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