OS OVNI - Secret Door

The sweet sci fi sounds of this nu song by the synth duo OS OVNI will do for a long overdue reentry into Blambodia tonight. So fitting for this alt universe. And these visuals by Scott Kiernan from the awesome ESP TV fit just right too. INF BLAM.

When Blambodia found out that BLVCK CEILING refixed BSBD it tilted its eyes away from the brilliance while slowly cutting wheels back and forth in praise. INF BLAM.

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depart past dark. u’ll b fine, k? trus me by HEAVY HAND

Wutchu kno bout that HEAVY HAND? And the label ЯΛRΞ ППUƉΞS backing this massive release?? All Zones in Blambodia are slumping this album by the West Chester, PA res. Grime riddims, haunting rnb croons and adv trap anthems lay on its hood witch skull like an enchanted lace front. Name your price for it here. ∞ BLAM.

Fnord [puzzle box] Blak n Wyte - #Forbiddenati

Gloom tendrils weave around your frame every step taken further into this Forbidden Darkness. Don’t count the UK out on that horror rap. ∞ BLAM.

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Dylan Ross and Rellim get buck on a massive beat by the latter and put in some self made, driver/shooter type bidness. The whole Zone is leaning to this one. ∞ BLAM.

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Psychic Rites 'Singularity' from Pleasure Kill on Vimeo.

Psychic Rites - Singularity

The Portland based power synth band Psychic Rites latest tune gets proper b movie visuals (each member meets death by sentient car) from Pleasure Kill that fit it so well. Human, machine, a blend of both, you will find pleasure in this. INF BLAM.

Boston res GOSSIP BOY supplies thee mega fresh NYC based clothing line WHATEVER 21 w/ a lil hot club mixxx. Get dressed up and lose control. ∞ BLAM.

??? - ???
Big Shot - Licence To Stomp VIP
Copout - ???
DJ Funeral - RIP Tribute (DJ Bangbus’ XXX Tribute)
DJ Sliink - Stop Me Now
Etch - Sphynx
French Fries - Yo Vogue (Leroy Peppers Remix)
Kahn Polar Lyka - Shame (LJ Remix)
Murlo - Velvet Wall (Slackk Remix)
OM Unit - Preshah
Rizzla - Church
??? - Grimey
Surkin & Todd Edwards - I Want You Back (Instrumental)

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