Adv art goons assemble and bop to this nu cold hart tape. The autotuned crooning of this Strong Beach native over his self-produced beats is a must own and zone. Featuring other zaggin WICCAPHASESPRINGSETERNAL, YUNG BLEATHA, JPDREAMTHUG and GHOSTE. Name your price here. INF BLAM.


  Blambodia has always been obsessed to fetishistic levels w/ the offbeat percussion of UKG and the nasty basslines of Sheffield’s Niche scene. WIKAN delivered a proper salute to his country’s glorious urban sound w/ a gr8 assist from the San Francisco res Rightclik. Nighttime e-30 cruise on the outer belt material. ∞ BLAM.




  This nu album by Mr.Kitty really strikes the bone, cracks it and slurps out the marrow, leaving hollow skeletons dancing in a phantom discotheque. Sway w/ the dead and realize that you will join them sooner or later. Buy it here. INF BLAM.



  My zaggz Supa Sortahuman and Joeyy vibed out on this mellow azz beat by Noah B. The Zone is feeling this something fierce, look at us, Legion. INF BLAM.


  Perform hood witch rituals to sludged out vocal samples and stabby synth on this album by Chicago res The Worst. Blambodia supports those on our freq. ∞ BLAM.



  Tannhäuser Gate are bringing the ruckus w/ this body music. A slow cooker w/ a proper amount of kick to get its listeners stomping into oblivion. INF BLAM.


  Club heat sinks are necessary to dissipate the pure energy flowing off this EP by NYC res poolboy92. Buy it now for 3 creds (or more) from #FEELINGS. ∞ BLAM.


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