This collection of MAHR tracks caresses my pagan brain so well. Beautiful vox soaring over lush and dark ambient fields. Buy it for 3 bones or more. INF BLAM.

Dj Tray gives that Shmurda track a club flip. Shmoney dance harder. INF BLAM.

NOK from the Future - AWAKE

Blambodia is feeling this nu track and vid by NOK from the Future. So ADV, the whole Zone is vibrating w/ its beautiful cyber vs harsh reality relevance. INF BLAM.

Shisa w/ a hard hitter off his instant teen lp out 9/03/14 via Postlife. ∞ BLAM.

Its time to get that okkvlt swang on w/ another release from ≡quilateral Records, this time from the duo TERR0RISM. All 5 tracks are heavy. Get it here. INF BLAM.

Dj Nate aka Bakaman & Migo Teddy presents… “I’m Out” (Bopping performance)

Skrrt skrrt skrrt skrrt. Of course we boppin in Blambodia to Dj Nate. INF BLAM.

Ayyyyye KirbLaGoop brings that adv trappin out over MaxDotBeats. W/ features by Phlegm, AviTwat, Ruben Slikk and Black Smurf. Buy it for 5 bones. INF BLAM.

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