Welly well well 333 Boyz and Schwarz wot have u done wiv this wild mutation here?? A Blink 182 x donk x hard rave hybrid?? Oh, u most def did dat. INF BLAM.


Minneapolis, Minnesota res debars filled this 20 track beat tape w/ dreamscapes, some ethereal, others fun, all pure knock. Drop 5 creds + (all proceeds are going to a very personal cause so contribute above that if poss) to get it. INF BLAM.



Daytona Beach gurl Mona Lisa sprawls out on a big azz beat by Dior Sentai ringleader Miles Farewell. Trunks rattle across thee high tech low life void. ∞ BLAM.

(Source: SoundCloud / /|/|ONA |_ISA)






I was entering this nu aeon in an intense sexual magick ritual when this was released so pardon me for a late salute but plz believe, BLVCK CEILING provides that kvlt sound thee Zone always seeks. *Witch doctor charms jangling as I jook* ∞ BLAM.


Mackned - Life On Deck (Prod. by Space Age Tech)


Seattle res and Moor Gang rep Mackned flexed on his Alice Gla$$ EP and this track, produced by S.A.T is a proper dose ov it. Video by First Ladies. ∞ BLAM.

Thee Los Angeles res SVENGALI stays w/ vibed out feelings in audio form. This brand nu batch ov instrumental jams is another fine example ov that. INF BLAM.

†ENEBRÆ unleashed okkvlt flame (my fav track being S∆DIS†, naturally) on this nu EP, Doppelgänger. Thee Zone enjoys them and all thee output ov ≡quilateral Records, their home. Art by Gabriel Laflame. Buy it here. INF BLAM.


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