Zakmatic gave Yard666sale a mixxx that is sav from intro till end. INF BLAM.

BLACK KRAY is grave wave goon fooling on this full length release that pairs thee Richmond, Virginia native’s delivery w/ hearse rattling beats. GOTH LUV features production by MFK, SmittyTheBG, THATS CREEP, Swaggo Saint and moar. Outs to GOTH MONEY RECORDS for always bringing that murk. Buy it here. INF BLAM.


Welly well well 333 Boyz and Schwarz wot have u done wiv this wild mutation here?? A Blink 182 x donk x hard rave hybrid?? Oh, u most def did dat. INF BLAM.


Minneapolis, Minnesota res debars filled this 20 track beat tape w/ dreamscapes, some ethereal, others fun, all pure knock. Drop 5 creds + (all proceeds are going to a very personal cause so contribute above that if poss) to get it. INF BLAM.



Daytona Beach gurl Mona Lisa sprawls out on a big azz beat by Dior Sentai ringleader Miles Farewell. Trunks rattle across thee high tech low life void. ∞ BLAM.

(Source: SoundCloud / /|/|ONA |_ISA)






I was entering this nu aeon in an intense sexual magick ritual when this was released so pardon me for a late salute but plz believe, BLVCK CEILING provides that kvlt sound thee Zone always seeks. *Witch doctor charms jangling as I jook* ∞ BLAM.


Mackned - Life On Deck (Prod. by Space Age Tech)


Seattle res and Moor Gang rep Mackned flexed on his Alice Gla$$ EP and this track, produced by S.A.T is a proper dose ov it. Video by First Ladies. ∞ BLAM.

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