Being stuck in cryofreeze is cruel and I’m finally thawing out this month, leaving behind the iso cube for real life interaction in a megalopolis. I will no longer be sleeping on incred releases like this one from JAMES FERRARO. W/ Los Angeles soundbites, silky beats and croons he fully activated the Zone. INFINITE BLAM.

Once again it is time to swang dine to THOED MYNDEZ, a collab proj between two of my fav artists, NATTYMARI and Party Trash. Peep the funky depths they take it on each track and hear that Robert Earl Davis Jr. (RIP) influence. Max boost Aural Sects for providing them an underground blvd to zig and zag on. INFINITE BLAM.

Go Gettas - Purple Room

The Go Gettas is a nu group (Yarrow Slaps, KE, Simon Sayss and DJ California Bear) out of San Francisco aka Lil Amsterdam that is putting in work w/ a release due thru Mishka, September, 15th, 2014. Video directed by Triple Mike. INF BLAM.

Excited for the Creeks Miles HIgh collab EP that miles farewell and Creeks Of Wine will be dropping this winter. This smoov track produced by DRIP-133 and featuring the airy vox of Ivy Hollivana is a perfect taste of what they are capable of. WTF boy is a hilarious title and the hook is too catchy because of it. INF BLAM.

GOTH BOI CLIQUE zags WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL and C0LD♱H4RT laced this track w/ some proper vibes. Beat produced by Trap Blanco. INF BLAM.

Brooklyn via Pittsburgh res G.R. ZOMBIE is back w/ 3 pulsating groovers and it is a choice direction for the old time Zone visitor. Get em for 3 creds or more. ∞ BLAM.


Get w/ the (re)program and short circuit the main feed. A nu album, FUNERAL FLOWERS is on its way from CROSSOVER and it is on that freq. 14 tracks of death dance electronics for your salvation. Pre-orders available here. INF BLAM.

Bang the clang filled stimulants of this drag track that nattymari cooked up as the very relevant threats fly thru meme riddled brains. Still screaming WMK. ∞ BLAM.

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