Blambodia is buzzing w/ this mega flip MADDEN did ov that Future track. Taking it in a uptempo and ghettotechnological direction was a ++good idea. INF BLAM.


LOFTY305 // DONT // prod by Eyedress


LOFTY305 floats on a beat by Eyedress. Video by Ghetto Hollywood. ∞ BLAM.

Adv breaks, rollers and atmosphere fill thee void thanks to Jónó Mí Ló. INF BLAM.




This nu beat tape by my zag PARTY TRASH is worth its suggested 3 bones (or moar) price tag. Pen N Pixel-esque artwork by my other zag sdotpdot. INF BLAM.


Summer of Haze supplied Germany res starrrgasm a kvlty backbeat. ∞ BLAM.


Lights on battle wagons are chopping thru thick fog banks in thee Zone to yet another mega quality EP ov instrumental tracks by JAYYEAH. Buy it here. INF BLAM.

The Buttress - Behind Every Great Man

New Jersey native The Buttress has dropped her debut EP Behind Every Great Man and it is available for free download here. I sent thee track I Don’t Really Need Those (Ghosts) off it to DaRK SiSTER because I was feeling it. INF BLAM.

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