Gems dropped by thee Ontario native and Blambodian reg Noah23 over dream beats by California res and Zone familiar Horse Head. Doubleplusgood. ∞ BLAM.  


Gloom mob accordingly to this mixxx Tombz made for NVR MND. INF BLAM.  

THE WEEKND - Initiation (Tombz Remix)
PVGVN - Heavenly Dead (Liar Resex)
CULT - MDP (Millions of Dead Police)
TRUST - Sulk (Pictureplane’s Ferrari On Fire Mix)
BLVCK - Dark Night
THE SISTERS OF MERCY - Lucretia, My Reflection
ϟ†Nϟ - Suicide
SER∆PHIC - Sleep
TOMBZ - Crystal Bell



you make me better by V†L£//:CE

This track by V†L£//:CE moves nimbly like an afrofuturistic killbot. INF BLAM.  


Smug Mang has Supa, Lofty 305, Black Kray, Chris Travis, JK The Reaper, Bones, Yung Simmie, Xavier Wolf, Blvck Smurf, Mike Jones (?!) and beats by Zaytoven (!!), Rellim, Eric Dingus, Purpdogg and moar on this. His nonchalant delivery works for him and DJ Smokey hosted this mixtape. Download it via datpiff. INF BLAM.

Sitting in a cyber drug den deep inside thee Zone reflecting on thangs to this junt by Tokyo Hands. This track’s flutes are OD good. Outs to #TOMCREW. INF BLAM.

Los Angeles based adv savs Cadalack Ron and Serp have tossed up a rough demo track off their upcoming album under The Submersibles alias. Blattt. INF BLAM.


Joint Chiefs is my main zags from Sortahuman + K.E.V.O.R.K.I.A.N. and they did Mishka tag popping damage on this (Stylistics sampling??) beat by Cyberclops. If yeen familiar w/ these heads flee thee Zone right now. ∞ BLAM.

Nicolas Malinowsky / Tommy Kruise - Disstopia

Tommy Kruise and Nicolas Malinowsky linked up and super savved out by creating this synth heavy, space battle off thee SND.PE VOL.02: Crossover Series compilation out now via Sound Pellegrino. Feeling it something serious. INF BLAM.

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