JUNKIES IN PARIS EP ( caddy ron X pariz zax )

Machina Muerte rep Cadalack Ron teamed wit underground beat legend + fellow Los Angeles area native Paris Zax on this EP and their synthesis created a breakbeat reinforced street level phonk joyride. Buy it here. INF BLAM.

Russia res TheCancerfest whipped up this mellowed out okkvlt bump. Imagine an immaculate fleet ov old schools bending corners on slo-mo. INF BLAM.

6V6 - Nés Pour Détruire

Stomping militant hard to this nu track by 6V6. Viddy thee Parisian duo’s material if unfamiliar, they are highly praised here. Video by Simon Laveuve. INF BLAM.

Adv rap trio .Cult (dotCULT) have features and production from Swagtoof, Nacho Picasso, BSBD, Sortahuman and Noah23. All my bleeding edgers g’head and grab this if you haven’t already. Out now in free download form via Mishka. INF BLAM.

This big machine fuckery created by my zag MADDEN plays as high tech low lives assemble to scheme and plot deep within thee zone. INF BLAM.

Slip on these murky beats by ϟΞVΞRUϟ like a pair ov murder gloves. ∞ BLAM.


My skinhead raver self is very pleased wiv these druggy cult visuals that WOOZY MEDZ whipped up for that beatsmith EYES AND TEETH. This track contains breaks that pluck my primal chords. Find it on thee DUSTED album. INF BLAM.

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