Charlie Sheena - Ode To Edgar

Charlie Sheena channels Edgar Allen Poe on this ghetto goth junt. Find it on the DEATH or FASHION album. Visuals created by my main ND zag Nome. ∞ BLAM.

TOOFGANG & PALZ is a comp of collabs and unreleased tracks by SWAG TOOF. Some of my bleeding edgiest zags like Supa Sortahuman, Noah 23, dotCULT, DEAD NIGGA STORAGE, SHMX, Fantasy Camp, JOINT CHIEFS, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Greaf, AJ Suede feature, produce or both. Get it here. ∞ BLAM.

JGRXXN back w/ some srsly buck junts on The Paradox. DL it here. ∞ BLAM.

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YOGY ft Natho - Hooligan

Bay area rider YOGY and the Sacramento rep Natho shoot that Amerikkkan hooligan thug thizzle so well on a very large beat by E.N.O.N. INFINITE BLAM.

Get yr okkvlt rave on to his ‘▲ltar///native’ track by R▲dio Vril. ∞ BLAM.


Nu visuals from IC3PEAK, no write up necessary, straight drop. INFINITE BLAM.


The Bodymore, Murderland based lifestyle brand DEATH CULT put the track MKULTRA by my zaggin V I O L E N C E ™ to perf use here in this ritualistic promo vid. Kyle England from BRAIDER is one of the featured models too. ∞ BLAM.

Deep in the Zone council estate pagans congregate and listen to this nu album by W0LCNUM. The UK native has a firm stronghold in Blambodia w/ his gravewave and deep rave sensibilities vibing in simultaneous harmony. Get it here. INF BLAM.

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