One more from the out the gate, extra ADV, Atlanta based Awful Records camp. Father has the joose w/ a relaxed flow over equally laid back but large beats. Pyramid Quince, KCSB, iLoveMakonnen, Key, Ethereal, Archibald Slim, Slug Christ, Stalin Majesty and GAHM all feature. Buy it here. INFINITE BLAM.

This mixxx by HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFIC for LA SUBSTANCE has all the stompy bits and hard hits that you’ll need to adapt to the Zone’s atmosphere. Use it wisely. ∞ BLAM.

 01. 138 - Deconstruct
02. Perc - Take Your Body Off
03. Head High - Rave
04. Balazo - False Witness
05. Randomer - Stalker
06. Rabit - Thug Rotovator
07. Saturn V - Your Mind
08. Pixelord - Video Bar
09. Gesloten Cirkel - Secret Area
10. British Murder Boys - Splinter
11. Profligate - Can’t Stop Shaking

Iglesia: Olde Testament is the latest release from the ATL rep Slug Christ and its a guaranteed set of slumpers. My zag Supa from SortaHuman, Stalin Majesty and Lui Diamonds all guest. Outs to Awful Records. Name your price here. ∞ BLAM.


This gloriously minimal track by Marie Dior possesses a skeletal feel that urges listeners to flesh it out themselves on a dark, Blambodian dancefloor. ∞ BLAM.

Harlemworld res The Sapien does his thang on this mixtape over original productions, beats by DYM, Grave Thought and classicks from MF Doom, Dilla and RJD2. Enlightened lyrics permeated w/ that grit. Name your price here. INF BLAM.

We love TEDY aka BIG HABEEBI for channeling Dipset on this. INF BLAM.


We are back in the Weird Hood /// Permanent Autonomous Zone bumpin this track by that wild boi TRA$$H. And these visuals are crucially chill. INFINITE BLAM.

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