This nu and expansive instrumental junt by ††† L E P E R ††† from Screwston, Texashas me on my Witch Doctor ritual jook thru the gloom of the Zone. INF BLAM.


These 2 EP’s by Wisco res LORN are full of that static crunch, clang and nasty bass the Zone thrives on. Sparse vocals and percussion top it all off for the kill. ∞ BLAM.


Slumping these knocks by the GOTH MONEY RECORDS capo MARCY MANE. In seconds this beat takes flight and soars through your cerebral cortex. ∞ BLAM.

≡quilateral keeps the witch ball rollin w/ this release by the Rivne, Ukraine based duo FOTOSINTΣZ. Name a price for it here and slow vogue in the void. ∞ BLAM.

The Holy Kit got Sasha Go Hard on this big beat by StakzDaProducer to promote that mega hustle life. Whip all the work, all of it, everything. INF BLAM.

It is an all goddess affair on this mixxx Dj​ Paris​ Lady did for BEASTONALEASH. Tracks by Doja Cat, S E X Y L I K, Gangsta Boo and more feature next to mad remixes by Blambodian regulars like ZAK-MATIC and METH DAD. INF BLAM.

♡ Slybeats - Work
♡ Ariana Grande - Honeymoon with Kon (edit)
♡ RaVaughn - Best Friend (Stwo Remix)
♡ Ciara - C.R.U.S.H. (Ex-Best Friend Edit)
♡ lookinass - lost ref :(
♡ Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine (CHLO Remix)
♡ Kanye West - “bound 2” DOJA CAT *REMIX*
♡ Camay - Till I die
♡ Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan - Lay Down In Swimming Pools [Mixed By Blue]
♡ Britney/ferg/tim dolla - (130)WORK BYTCH (ma mash)
♡ Cassie - “All Gold, All Girls” (Remix) (Main) ft Lola Monroe, Trina
♡ Gangsta Boo & Sinjin Hawke - Yea Hoe
♡ Doja Cat - ☠☢ GIMME SUM MOAR ☢☠
♡ S E X Y L I K - show my ass
♡ JomandaSade - Too Much (Remix)
♡ Rhyon Brown - Girls Love Beyonce REMIX
♡ JENI ft. Adrian Per - Girls Love Beyonce (Remix)
♡ Victoria Kimani - My Money Feat. Akuse
♡ 1-800-Dinosaur - Bills (Harmonimix)
♡ Trophy Wives Club - Webelong2gether
♡ HNNY - Exactly
♡ ZAK-MATIC - Dança ft. Blaya
♡ Destiny’s Child - Bug-A-Boo[tleg] (Joey LaBeija Edit)
♡ JonasLR - Cockiness
♡ Beyonce - Grown Woman (DjNita remix)
♡ Britney Spears - Work Bitch (DJ Lapetina Horny Queen Remix)
♡ Jamelia - Superstar (Sharda Remix)
♡ Tamia - More (J-LAH Remix)
♡ Le Youth - C O O L (Henry Krinkle Remix)
♡ Miley Cirus - We Can’t Stop (Lucas Chambon Remix)
♡ Alicia Keys - Fallin (starRo remix)
♡ Milly Mango - GXRLSS ♡ at 0:01


Get this nu comp from Phantasma Disques if in need of dark electronic pathways to take a pagan strut down. Buy it in either digital and CD-R format. INF BLAM.


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